Labour councillors concerned over possible closure of The Stow post office

Business / Thu 16th Nov 2023 at 09:16am

TWO Mark Hall councillors have expressed their concerns that a much loved post office may close next year.

The post office in question is the one located in the One Stop shop in The Stow.

Labour councillor Lanie Shears said: “As Mark Hall councillors, both Aiden O’Dell and myself are appalled that this community service is at risk of closure.

“We are concerned that people will have to go to the Town Centre or Old Harlow to use Post Office services.

“We do not believe it is acceptable to ask older, disabled and vulnerable people to travel so far to use the post office, especially since many residents feel they are unable to rely on the bus service.

“Today I have both spoken to, and received emails from local residents who are shocked and upset at the threatened closure of their post office.

“A local community campaign is being planned in support of saving our post office and I encourage everyone to get involved”.

YH has contacted the Post Office press office but has not received a reply.

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9 Comments for Labour councillors concerned over possible closure of The Stow post office:

Kim Oconnor
2023-11-16 09:47:44

Have they given reasons for this .This would be most unfair, for the elderly and people with disabilities..most unfair.

Peter Henegan
2023-11-16 13:44:33

The future perhaps lies in why the stow post office is being closed. Is it because it is no longer viable or is it because One Stop want to use the space to make their shop bigger (and presumably increase their profits, no problem with that). If it is viable then it should stay in the Stow-a lady made a great suggestion on facebook that it could move to the library. There is surely enough spare retail space in the Stow. Perhaps the old public bar of the Skipper would be a great home.

2023-11-16 13:48:08

Another show of contempt for the residents of mark hall. You can always get the no 8 bus to town or Old Harlow if it runs. Watch this space and see that service taken away as well. Bring on the elections and let's have a whole new bunch in charge.

2023-11-16 13:51:48

Absurd that this proposal has been made, sadly two of the postal counter staff are among the most miserable, unhelpful beings in existence. One appears to have gone now, but they hardly helped a positive customer 'experience'. They were also at loggerheads with One Stop staff.

2023-11-16 14:40:18

Firstly the bus service is no longer available to my wife and I, since it no longer runs down Maddox Road during the week. Secondly I could not disagree more strongly with the comment on the Staff. I use the Post Office on a fairly regular basis and I find them the most helpful and, at most times cheerful, of any that I have encountered. This post office is a godsend to us, and should it close, will be another nail in the coffin of what was a postal service to be proud of. If the possible closure is at the behest of One-Stop, then it will lose them custom not gain it, as I for one will not bother to shop at the Stow any more. It will be another facility withdrawn from the Stow and could well accelerate the demise of other shops from a local shopping area that already begins to look a little shabby and run down.

2023-11-16 15:07:23

I also think the staff there are always helpful and cheerful, will be sorely missed if it closes, always handy to pop in to post stuff and also as a result might buy stuff from the shop. Why when it always seems to be busy ?

Robert Fry
2023-11-17 01:33:28

Labour councillors appalled at at a Post Office closing, but quite relaxed about the slaughter in Gaza.

Mark Gough
2023-11-17 15:02:50

As a Mark Hall Resident, I too am discussed by this. One Stop used to be the whole Post Office. I'm pretty sure that they had to provide a Post Office service within their lease. I suspect in March that agreement runs out! What concerns me is that Labour will hang around with placards and get photo opportunities out of it, instead of actually getting a petition going against the closure! Names and signatures is the way to get this overturned! Mark Gough - Reform UK.

S Little
2024-01-09 15:07:35

The queues and waiting times at the main till are bad enough now with current staff being under pressure to serve general purchases! Bring parcels and other demands into the mix and this is just going to make waiting times longer and more frustrating for customers and staff alike! As previously mentioned, no consideration for the elderly or disabled having to stand and queue for long periods and our closest is Bush Fair or Town Centre....someone mention no 8....Doesn't come past my way anymore even if it is running!!! I am disgusted that Tesco take over the shop and then they slimline our services! The current postal service ladies are being made redundant!! NOT VERY CUSTOMER CENTRIC IS IT @TESCO?? We NEED a petition to force TESCO to keep our services as they are!

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