Staple Tye councillor welcomes reference to health services in latest Latton Priory document

Health / Thu 16th Nov 2023 at 10:30am

A STAPLE Tye councillor has welcomed the inclusion of references to health services in the latest documents related to the proposed new housing estate on Harlow’s border.

Latton Priority is planned to sit on the Epping side of the border and may see up to 5,000 people move into the area.

It would stretch from close to the Hastingwood roundabout on the M11 across to Rye Hill Road.

A “design code” has been recently published but a number of people noticed that there were no reference to health services.

However, a document published recently has now published two small paragraphs referring to healthcare.

This has pleased Staple Tye councillor, Alastair Gunn (Cons), whose ward borders the proposed Latton Priory area.

Cllr Gunn said: “”I’m pleased the Latton Priory outline planning application now being consulted on does contain a clear indication that additional healthcare facilities will be part of the development. 

“This was a key request that I and many Harlow residents made, and represents real progress from the original plans.

“Whilst not yet a done deal, I am assured we are being listened to by Epping Forest, HGGT and the developers.

“There are a lot of other details that need to be got right, and I remain deeply concerned about the impact on the road network in Harlow from the additional traffic.

“I’d strongly encourage residents in Staple Tye and the wider south Harlow area to read the latest plans for Latton Priory, and respond to the consultation with their views.”


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4 Comments for Staple Tye councillor welcomes reference to health services in latest Latton Priory document:

2023-11-17 09:27:49

If? That doesn't sound like a firm commitment. Local health services are already overloaded (try getting a face-to-face appointment!) . This statement is totally inadequate.

Kim Oconnor
2023-11-17 11:06:51

I love the way theses people talk about climate change, not building on theses Marsh land s would be a good start, because theses are our flood defence s.. you build all around Harlow boarders we will flood... As for facilities, I would not hold my breath... Build them first, then perhaps we will believe it. Thatcher, is right, I've just had to go private for a dentist, you just carnt get in NHS.

2023-11-17 17:01:13

'If' - That could mean a promise of financial contribution to facilities at the new 'Shovel-Ready' PAH Hospital or a similar promise for a contribution to a Virtual Healthcare Initiative. - It means nothing

Al gafar
2023-11-18 11:30:15

Building on land that hasxa high water table ,don't make me laugh ,that area up there is sodden ground ,should prove interesting for foundations Sadly pardon wood cemetery is a prime example of high water tables ,despite various drainage schemes it still floods . WATCH THIS SPACE.

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