Labour’s Chris Vince criticises MP Robert Halfon for “leading residents up the garden path” after more delays to new hospital

Health / Mon 27th Nov 2023 at 03:26pm

HARLOW Labour’s Chris Vince has claimed that residents are being”led up the garden path” by Robert Halfon MP over plans for a new hospital on the border of Harlow.

With the date now pushed back into the next decade, we spoke to Mr Vince about the news.

We also stayed on the subject of buildings and asked what he hoped parents and pupils connected to SFG College would get from the public meeting with a minister for education this Thursday.

Following this interview, there may well be a comment re what are Labour’s policies. We happen to have seen dozens and dozens of policies. A few are below.

Labour’s policies costed
Labour will reverse the Tory Party cut in Corporation Tax saving the UK taxpayer £64bn over a parliamentary cycle (OBR)
Free school meals for children 4-11, costing £900m raised by placing VAT on Post Independent schools.   This will raise £1.1bn
£10 per hour minimum wage for all over 18s, benefitting 5.5m workers, paid for by the private sector bosses, and savings in Working Tax Credit payments.
17% increase the unpaid carers’ allowance worth £500 a year, paid for by reversing the recent Inheritance Tax cut
Renationalise the railways, which will cost nothing because we’ll take them into public ownership as franchises lapse.
Halt the tender of NHS contracts to private health, phasing out the £48bn given to private health since 2010.   This will save taxpayers between £3.5bn – £5bn in reduced profits paid to private health.
Build 200,000 homes a year, half from the private sector at zero cost to the taxpayer.   The rest would be Council homes paid for by giving councils the power to borrow against existing assets.   Consequently, the UK’s Housing Benefit Bill to private landlords would start to fall.
Introduce 4 new public holidays per year that BoE say would be cost neutral due to increased expenditure, 2.3bn on Public Holidays.
End zero hour jobs by guaranteeing any worker on regular hours a contract.   This carries zero cost to the taxpayer.
A ban on companies based in tax havens, or those who pay their CEOs more than £350,000 bidding for government contracts.   This carries no cost to the taxpayer.
Halt the opening of free schools and new grammars.   This will save the taxpayer money as NAO says they cost more than comprehensives.
Ban ‘sweetheart’ deals between HRMC and multi-corps and make the big firms publish their tax returns.  This will increase tax revenue.
Eradicate the gender pay gap by making firms publish their pay differentials between men and women.   This will increase UK tax revenue from higher wages.
Labour will cut business rates for small businesses by £1.5bn and end Multi-corps paying SMEs later than 28 days.   This will be paid for with some of the revenue from reversing Corporation Tax cuts for bigger businesses.

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10 Comments for Labour’s Chris Vince criticises MP Robert Halfon for “leading residents up the garden path” after more delays to new hospital:

Davey D
2023-11-27 15:52:21

So many, any reasons it's impossible to vote Labour then. Annoying, as the tories have really messed it up also.

2023-11-27 15:57:10

You don’t like Pensioners either Chris, just keep giving money to the work shy.

Peter Henegan
2023-11-27 16:14:41

Will taxing private schools raise money or will it force more kids into state schools which will consume any money raised? And re payments to suppliers, don't miss the difference between paying on time as agreed even it may be 2/3 months, and paying late ie after the due date. The former is managable, the latter causes problems and a waste of resources

2023-11-27 17:05:41

How insulting to suggest anyone believes a word Halton says.

2023-11-27 17:31:51

The idea that taxing VAT on private school fees will cause some mass exodus to state schools is a false dichotomy. The two are not inextricably linked. In fact, it’s shown that most students in private schools will stay in place. Even so, what is so wrong with parents sending their children to state schools? What is wrong with a state education? What is wrong with parents being invested in the outcomes of local schools? This notion that private education is glorious and state education is subpar needs to be left in 1900s where it belongs. With proper funding, state education benefits everyone.

2023-11-28 12:55:13

If VAT were charged on school fees and the money used to improve facilities and reduce classes in state schools, perhaps fewer parents would feel the need to go private. The fundamental question is this, should all children have a fair crack at education and a prosperous and fulfilled life, or should some, because their parents are rich have a better chance?

2023-11-28 18:47:05

Mark, The fundamental question should be despite record taxes and the size of the state. Why the parents feel the need to scrimp and save even further to send thier kids to private schools. Of course all kids should have good education but it is the state which has failed, educators which have failed and education unions which have become more politicised and concerned with getting the hated Tories than educating children. People send thier kids private because the state and state education especially in Harlow has failed, and shows no trend to get better. Nothing is stopping anyone from sending their kids private anyone can do it.

2023-11-28 18:52:10

If you voted for Boris, you believed a liar.

May. Dupp.
2023-11-28 19:13:05

So the Labour counsellor correctly points out the Conservative party (From Robert Halfon up to Boris Johnson) have been celebrating the success of Harlow's new hospital for five years now and they haven't even mown the grass yet. It won't be built for another five years, if they can ever get the budget for it. So the immediate response from YourHarlow is to criticise the tax policy of a future Labour government? Shameless whataboutism. Heaven forbid we should actually hold our lying politicians to account without taking the opportunity to blame Labour. I'm surprised you didn't feel the need to blame Jeremy Corbyn, that's what Rishi Sunak does.

David Vincent
2023-12-01 15:24:45

Sir Keir Starmer has scrapped all the pledges he made when he challenged for the Labour leadership. Starmer is cosying up to big business and pledging to play nicely. Labour's new British Infrastructure Council contains hedge funds Blackrock and Fidelity, along with Canada's CPP Investments that invests heavily in Anglian Water which has been fined millions for dumping sewage into rivers. Other members of the Infrastructure Council are HSBC and Lloyd's with a track record in the PFI rip-off during the last Labour government. See 'Rachel Reeves: investing in infrastructure?' at bottom of page at https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/f/etiquette-lessons-offered-israel

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