Daniel Robinson treat children and families to VIP day and visit to Playhouse pantomime

Charity / Sun 10th Dec 2023 at 09:23am

DOZENS of families, who have had a challenging year, were treated to a chauffeur driven tour of Harlow and a special performance of the pantomime at Harlow Playhouse on Saturday afternoon.

The tour was organised by Daniel Robinson and Sons Funeral Directors.

The convoy started at Gates Ford on Edinburgh Way and wound their way around the town.

Santa was also there on his sleigh alongside two beautiful women in seasonably fashioned clothes.

The entourage arrived at the Harlow Playhouse where there were met by the chair of Harlow Council, cll Andrew Johnson, Harlow MP Robert Halfon and a whole host of other dignitaries.

They then went into the theatre where they were treated a fantastic performance of Beauty and the Beast.

This was a traditional tour undertaken by Daniel Robinson but stopped in 2020 due to Covid.

It is a fabulous gesture and will be a memory that children and adults will remember forever.

YH camera stood at Southern Way and filmed the cortege as they went by.

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7 Comments for Daniel Robinson treat children and families to VIP day and visit to Playhouse pantomime:

Marian Brown
2023-12-10 10:03:30

We saw all the limos outside the playhouse and drivers dressed up. I explained to my grandson why they were there and he thought it was a very kind thing to do. Xx

2023-12-10 10:09:41

What a wonderful thing to do for the children brought a tear to my eye knowing how hard this time of year is for bereaved families well done Daniel Robinson you are amazing all of you so very kind & thoughtful

2023-12-10 10:44:10

With all the troubles you read in the news, it makes a change to see one of the good news things covered. It was really heart warming to see the procession go past. A big cheer should go out to Daniel Robinson and Gates for organising it and their staff for making it special.

2023-12-10 12:32:48

i saw it and gave them a wave,makes a change to see something nice,made me smile,well done daniel robinsons and others that organised it

2023-12-10 12:51:28

Such a fantastic thing that Daniel Robinsons organised and the extra help from Gates too! Really well done to them all

2023-12-10 16:34:37

Daniel robinsons always give so much back to the community! What a fantastic company with amazing staff so heartwarming

2023-12-10 20:11:45

Love this, it's driven by here a couple of years. Always great to see

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