Tree equity map shows less affluent areas have less tree cover

Health / Thu 14th Dec 2023 at 01:34pm

AN online map which for the first time shows disparities in urban tree cover across the UK shows how less affluent areas have fewer trees and are missing out on their essential health benefits, like cleaner air reports the Woodland Trust.

Neighbourhoods with the highest income levels have more than double the tree cover per person than less affluent neighbourhoods, and they have nearly 20% less of the toxic pollutant nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

In England, regional differences are present, with the 10 local authorities with the highest scores in the south and the 10 with the
lowest scores in the north.* Some coastal areas also have lower levels of tree cover.

The news comes with the launch of a free interactive tool known as Tree Equity Score, which uses new tree canopy data from Google and six climate, health and socioeconomic indicators to generate a score from 0 to 100 for most urban neighbourhoods in the UK. It shows that, in areas of lower tree cover, there is a direct link to more pollution and poorer air quality.

The Woodland Trust encourages everyone to find the Tree Equity Score for their area and urges governments – nationally and locally – to integrate the Tree Equity Score into policies and plans, to ensure this disparity is tackled.

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3 Comments for Tree equity map shows less affluent areas have less tree cover:

2023-12-14 14:02:13

Atop chopping down trees in Harlow and building on the green spaces and green belt. We need trees, old established trees not the ones that are thrown in after destroying existing habitat.

2023-12-14 14:11:53

Stop even ... ooops

Bruce Downey
2023-12-15 09:36:36

Yes! Potter St had a green space with trees to separate the gloom of concrete.. but now a car park is taken it’s place, work had already started to remove half the trees before They had planning permission shows the contempt They have for the people and our mental wellbeing..Shame on Them! Us & Them..

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