A very happy Christmas to you all in Harlow and around the world

News / Mon 25th Dec 2023 at 07:15am

MAY WE wish a very merry Christmas to all our readers, viewers, followers in Harlow and around the world.

We hope you have a lovely day.

We hope you all get lovely presents. We hope that you are in the company of all that you love or have a chance to contact those who cannot be with you.

Thinking of all those who have passed but those whose company you have cherished.

The children love today and that is what it is all about. We hope Santa has been good to them.

A Happy Christmas to you all.

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5 Comments for A very happy Christmas to you all in Harlow and around the world:

Bruce Downey
2023-12-25 07:56:33

Merry Christmas Everybody😘 that your Christmas shall be merry, and your new year a happy one..God bless us, everyone.😉

Matthew Gillman
2023-12-25 10:25:05

Merry Christmas everybody, as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Have a super day!

Luke Burton
2023-12-25 13:51:58

Happy Christmas.

Sharon Watts
2023-12-25 17:26:44

Merry Christmas to you all! And Merry Christmas to the family in heaven🥰🥰🥰🥰

William Warner
2023-12-25 19:11:46

Merry Christmas to martin at st Peter and all in Harlow

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