American bully XL dogs must now be kept on a lead

Lifestyle / Sun 31st Dec 2023 at 10:38am

AMERICAN bully XL dogs in England and Wales must be kept on a lead and muzzled in public now that a new law has come into effect reports the BBC.

Breeding, selling or abandoning them is also illegal as of New Year’s Eve. 

Owners who want to keep their bully XL after an outright ban comes into effect on 1 February 2024 have until midnight to apply to do so.

The curbs follow a number of attacks, but campaigners insist banning the breed is not the answer.

Environment Secretary Steve Barclay said the government had met a pledge to take “quick and decisive action” following a series of attacks, with one man dying after being attacked by an American bully XL this year.

The breed has been added to the list of dogs banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. 

To get a Certificate of Exemption, allowing owners to keep their bully XLs, they need to get insurance, neuter their dog, and pay a fee of £92.40.

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3 Comments for American bully XL dogs must now be kept on a lead:

Sharon Watts
2023-12-31 13:31:47

It’s not the dogs that are the cause of the attacks, it’s the owners that influence these behaviours. I still think this is disgusting.

Tracy George
2024-01-01 23:23:55

Yet another problem caused entirely by humans where it is the animals who suffer.

Jennifer Steadman
2024-01-06 00:23:26

This is a thoroughly shameful move by this government! A knew jerk reaction to a handful of incidents. I totally agree with the return of licensing for all dogs & cats & would happily license my 2 rescue Podenco girls, but this new law has just sentenced 1000's of innocent dogs to death!! Who decides which breeds make up an XL? What's to stop the authorities removing a dog for 'catagorising' which could can sometimes take months so an otherwise gentile, calm dog could potentially be ripped from its family, chucked into kennels & not returned if at all for months whilst decisions are made about its future! So many dogs have already been abandoned & dumped & many have been scooped up, saved & driven to Scotland or Ireland where they dont have these evil laws in place. Any dog has the potential to kill or injure! A chihuahua once killed a newborn baby, my own son was once mauled by a labrador & had 17 stitches! So which dog breed is next for this ban? Cane corso? Doberman? Maybe Yorkshire terriers, they can be snappy little blighters!

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