Essex County Council make commitment over investment in bus services

Lifestyle / Sat 6th Jan 2024 at 12:08pm

ONGOING investment will be made in a large network of local bus services across the county, Essex County Council has confirmed.

A consultation with residents showed it was clear there was strong support for local services and highlighted the essential role they play in people’s lives.As a result, the council has decided to continue supporting over 150 routes that take people to work, school, shopping and healthcare, with on-demand bus service DigiGo also playing a bigger role in providing its service to more Essex communities.

Essex County Council subsidises around 15% of bus services in the county because they are not commercially viable.

These non-commercial services mainly operate in rural areas, at less popular times for travel and provide vital journeys for residents.Bus use has been on the increase since the Covid-19 pandemic, with residents returning to buses as an effective means of travel and new ways of working have bedded in.

As a result of the consultation, over 150 routes will continue, with new contracts to be procured. Some will be replaced with the DigiGo service, and a very small number (seven) will cease because they are low use. Most of the changes will happen in July 2024 when contracts expire.

Councillor Tom Cunningham, Cabinet Member for Highways, Infrastructure and Sustainable Transport, said: “Bus services across Essex provide a vital transport link for many people. From those who rely on buses to help them access vital services, to those choosing to take the bus instead of car, it’s vital Essex County Council continues to invest and support the network alongside bus operators so it can continue to grow.”

What this decision means is that Essex will continue to have a well-supported local  bus network, and I’m particularly delighted that we’ve been able to seize the opportunity to expand the service that DigiGo will provide.

This will mean even more communities can benefit from this fantastic on-demand service.”For more information on the outcome for each of the services consulted on, please visit: https://cmis.essex.gov.uk/essexcmis5/Decisions/tabid/78/ctl/ViewCMIS_DecisionDetails/mid/422/Id/9815/Default.aspx.

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3 Comments for Essex County Council make commitment over investment in bus services:

2024-01-06 15:36:53

I see our local bus service in Matching is going and a number of cuts in and around Harlow - Just one cut on the list that touches Chelmsford - Now I know Essex is a bit of extra income and kudos for a few of you councillors but, really isn't working for us!

2024-01-07 10:31:19

There is no bus services on maddox rd that takes people to the town centre,yet there is 2 lots of homes for the elderly and disabled on that exact rd,it is not fair or right. Harlow is full of all walks of life and of all ages and elderly residents do love to get out and about without having to walk a mile to the nearest bus stop to be able to get out and about and socialise etc.Time for change and to do a lot more for older residents in Harlow.

Alderman Durcan
2024-01-07 12:59:20

It may be cynical but don’t be surprised if ECC offer to turn water into wine. It’s election year so every promise is paper thin. It’s they only way the Tories can win.

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