Harlow Men’s Shed team restoring derelict changing room on Rectory Field

Charity / Tue 23rd Jan 2024 at 09:45am

A DEDICATED team of Harlow men are slowly restoring a derelict changing room in a field with the intent on transforming it into a Men’s Shed.

David Baker and his team have been working with Harlow Council with a view to transforming the changing room at Rectory Field off Three Horseshoes Road.

Connection, conversation and creation – that’s what joining a Men’s Shed is all about.

Banishing loneliness and isolation isn’t easy, which is why Men’s Sheds encourages local communities to come together to build, fix and restore – projects as well as themselves!

We went down to the Rectory Field, to talk to David and see how their wr was coming along.

We plan to return in the spring and see how they have progressed.

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9 Comments for Harlow Men’s Shed team restoring derelict changing room on Rectory Field:

2024-01-23 15:00:21

Where are the football teams going to get changed now ?

2024-01-23 16:04:56

Rjc . In their cars like we used to have to. Good on the mens shed , I hope to join soon.

2024-01-23 18:00:58

I'm the guy in the blue jacket 2nd left. We are currently based in the walled garden in the town park and currently meet every Tuseday from 10:30. Check us out on Facebook "Harlow Community Men's Shed "

2024-01-23 18:20:15

Great cause. Good work all!

Miss Kirstie Woolmore
2024-01-24 02:57:33

I think this is very much needed for men!! To be the so "Alpha male", can't let a lady do anything just like my other half 🫣 I will be bringing him down this weekend, when I'm getting my lashes done 🤣

2024-01-24 07:18:32

Anything for a quiet game of snooker. Isolation, uninterrupted smoke and a beer. Male jokes, belching competitions and camadre. Then it's back to the missus and reality.

Edna Graham
2024-01-24 07:28:04

What a shame they didn't restore Sherrardhouse in stead of knocking it down, it was onthe other side of the road, shame on the council.

Sean Quigley
2024-01-24 09:01:26

This used to be Burnt Mill Staffs home pitch for both 1st and reserve teams for 15years. Lots of great memories and success and after match drinks in the 3 Horseshoes. This now sounds like a great project and wish it the best.

Mike levett
2024-01-24 11:42:08

Great work Harlow mens shed. I hope you continue to get established there. It looks like a great facility for you in the future.

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