Women reminded to take up the invitation for breast screening at the mobile unit in Harlow

Health / Tue 23rd Jan 2024 at 09:50am

WOMEN registered at the following GP surgeries have been receiving invitations to access breast screening at a mobile unit in Harlow which will be available until June 2024. 

  • Lister Medical Centre
  • The Hamilton Practice
  • Old Harlow Health Centre
  • Church Langley Medical Centre
  • The Ross Practice
  • Nuffield House Health Centre
  • Addison House 
  • Sydenham House Surgery

Of the 6,277 invitations issued so far (by letter and text message), only 48% (3,028) have taken up the opportunity (figures accurate as of 5 January 2024).  

The mobile breast screening is located opposite St Paul’s Church (Cross Street), and invitations are being issued to patients aged between 50 and 70 who are due for their three-yearly screen.

Around 13,400 women will be invited for screening in total. It is estimated that across the country 1,400 lives will be saved each year by the programme.

Helen Lavelle, breast service manager at The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust, said: “It is so important that people take up this opportunity when they receive their invitation; and I would urge anyone who has been invited, but not made an appointment, to do so as soon as possible whilst the mobile screening unit is available in Harlow.

“The mobile breast screening unit contains the latest equipment and technology. Patients are greeted by a radiographer, who will explain the process. The screening takes less than seven minutes and the results are available within two to three weeks. It will be three years before women in Harlow are called again and I hope more women than ever before will take up the opportunity for this vital examination.”

Women are screened every three years after the age of 50 and until they are 70. 

Please note that women cannot just drop in for an appointment, but if they wish to check when they may be called, they can contact the office on 01992 560001

Special arrangements can be made for women with a disability by contacting 01992 560001.

After the age of 70 and 11 months, women can self-refer for an appointment by calling 01992 560001.

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2 Comments for Women reminded to take up the invitation for breast screening at the mobile unit in Harlow:

2024-01-23 22:26:15

I received my letter this morning and phoned to make my appointment straight away. I've survived Cancer twice thanks to the care of the doctors, the NHS and screening like this. Ladies, if you have received your invitation please phone and make your appointment.

2024-01-24 17:16:19

Don't leave it to chance ladies. My cancer was picked up by a routine mammogram and I'm on the treatment pathway now. Call the unit as soon as you get the letter!

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