Princess Alexandra Hospital: Care disrupted over 1,000 times due to state of the building

Health / Sat 27th Jan 2024 at 01:21pm

HOSPITALS in England are being hit with disruptions to patients’ care more than 100 times every week because of fires, leaks and problems created by outdated buildings, NHS figures reveal.

And Harlow’s Princess Alexandra Hospital is one of the worst affected reports The Guardian.

Figure just released reveal that between 2018-19 and 2022-23 Princess Alexandra Hospital has had 1.049 disruptions according to data compiled by the House of Commons library shows.

They are incidents the NHS says were “caused by estates and infrastructure failure related to critical infrastructure risk” and are linked to the service’s massive backlog of maintenance.

All the incidents led to “clinical services being delayed, cancelled or otherwise interfered with” for at least five patients for a minimum of 30 minutes.

“These findings are shocking but sadly not surprising, given the dilapidated, and in some cases dangerous, state of so many NHS facilities,” said Saffron Cordery, the deputy chief executive of NHS Providers, which represents health service trusts.

The “unacceptable impact on patients” should spur ministers into increasing the NHS’s capital budget so trusts can urgently overhaul their estates, she said.

She added that, besides disrupting care, the poor state of many NHS facilities was also leaving patients at risk and reducing their chances of recovering from their illness. “There are many patients in hospital, mental health and community settings who have received care but whose recovery is hampered by deteriorating environments that are neither safe nor therapeutic,” she said.

Essex partnership mental health trust had the most incidents over the five years – 1,230 – followed by the North East London trust with 1,022.

More than 5,000 of the incidents occurred at the 34 NHS trusts where “40 new hospitals” are due to be built, which Boris Johnson promised back in 2019. Progress towards fulfilling that pledge has been slow and caused huge frustration among NHS bosses.

Among those 34 trusts, the Princess Alexandra hospital in Harlow, had the most disruptions, with 1,049, followed by Nottingham university hospitals trust with 818.

The Princess Alexandra has had at least 40 leaks of raw sewage in recent years, with the smell leaving staff feeling nauseous and too sick to work.

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16 Comments for Princess Alexandra Hospital: Care disrupted over 1,000 times due to state of the building:

Luke Burton
2024-01-27 14:28:30

What does Halfon have to say about this?

2024-01-27 15:38:26

Well Luke , it certainly won't be a photo opportunity for him will it

Trevor PYLE
2024-01-27 17:53:48

40 new hospitals promised by Boris in 2019. Most were not new hospitals, being a refurb or an additional building. Those said to be new included PAH. In 2024, only 10 have had sign off, and if ever built, we will not see the others until we'll into 2030s. More Tory lies.

Nick J Gunning
2024-01-27 23:01:35

Perhaps if some of the money already wasted on Johnson's 'dead cat' 40 hospitals gimmick had been spent on existing buildings the statistics would be better. In fact, it seems that the improvements to Princess Alexandra were stopped when the present government took over! There are plenty of prefabricated buildings on the site that could have been replaced by modern structures. Basic competence seems to be in question. The methods of assessing hospitals seem to have degenerated into self-congrulationary posters and gimmicks while, behind the glossy foyers, buildings designed to last for 50-60 years are now past their sell by date. Parking a new hospital on the M11 hard shoulder, out of town, addresses no problems today.

2024-01-28 09:45:41

Buildings have a shelf life, very much shortened by poor construction and or neglected maintenance: the life expectancy of buildings can be calculated virtually before they are built and so funds should be put aside cumulatively to rebuild. A sign of prudent and good government. The policy of austerity applied to everyone and services in the UK except for the very rich has trashed the nhs, the utility companies and the country generally. "Let them eat cake"

2024-01-28 10:00:48

As long as everyone remembers who has been in charge of the NHS budget when the election comes around. Let's hope Starmer finds it within himself to do the necessary work to begin fixing this mess when he has the chance, if the country is in good health then everything else will be easier

Richard Porter
2024-01-28 10:51:14

New Hospital for Harlow trumpeted the politician'’s and low and behold they get re elected gullible voters yes , the end of a Tory government always ends with the NHS in crises , it did with John Majors government too .

2024-01-28 11:15:38

So many nasty comments about Robert Halfon he has done a good bit for Harlow if they spent less money on the market square and put it to better use in the hospital

James Gamble
2024-01-28 12:36:20

What exactly are the Trust doing with the profits they make, if this is due to lack of maintenance as stated? Start maintaining the building, use some of your profit.

Luke Burton
2024-01-28 14:53:10

What good as he done for Harlow, Cath? SFG exists in name only, no new hospital, and extreme traffic issues.

James Tufffnel
2024-01-28 15:58:55

https://www.pah.nhs.uk/news-and-events/new-chair-appointed-for-local-hospital-trust-957/ So where is the Board and especially Chair of Board accountability? All very quiet - passing the buck as a Political matter? Really?

2024-01-29 13:13:58

And you think it will be BETTER under a Liebour Government..... Oh my days

Graham VonHaartman
2024-01-29 13:43:02

Having a chat when I was in Harlow ĥospital last December, I was told they only had two full time maintained men on site. God knows how they cope.

Graham VonHaartman
2024-01-29 13:44:24

Having a chat when I was in Harlow ĥospital last December, I was told they only had two full time maintainance men on site. God knows how they cope.

Ash P.
2024-01-29 20:11:01

Can we appreciate about what we have at the moment. Because some of places has totally left out from what we have got in our NHS industry. So rather we moan, we could try to improve quietly if we could.

Alan L
2024-01-30 20:59:21

Is this true or just properganda to get the Government to build a New Hospital. My experience has not been a problem with the infrastructure of the existing hospital but more the lack of medical staff to treat patients. Time to get seen by A & E and consultants are terrible. Nothing to do with the places they offer treatment in. As for sewage leakage keep being tabled, why it not being sorted properly rather than reacting to occasional leaks.

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