Football: Harlow Town: “No right of appeal” over no promotion” decision

Football / Fri 2nd Feb 2024 at 07:29pm

HARLOW Town will not have any right of appeal in relation to the fact that they will not be eligible for promotion this season.

The club issued a statement on Friday afternoon confirming that one of the consequences of dropping out of the league last season is that they will not be promoted this season.

YH highlighted the FA rule below.

·       5.10  Where a club resigns from a League, that club will not be eligible for promotion for at least one Playing Season following the Season in which it resigned. Regulation 5.9 shall also apply if, in the Playing Season during which the Club resigns, that Club failed to attain the required Grade for the Step at which it was playing.

YH understands that the league in which Harlow Town play in (Eastern Counties League) was given confirmation of Rule 5.10 on Tuesday, 11 July in relation to Harlow.

It is further understood that the league clarified this with the FA on 16 January.

All other clubs who have resigned have been subject to this regulation.

In further bad news for the club, we understand that there is no right of appeal as it is a Regulation they are bound to, not a decision that has been made against them.

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