Harlow residents to get new hospital facilities-in St Albans

Health / Wed 14th Feb 2024 at 07:26am

NEW operating theatres and shorter waiting times are on the horizon for patients from Hertfordshire and west Essex, with work in full swing for a new regional health facility.

Demolition started today (Monday) to make way for three new operating theatres and a surgical procedure room at St Albans City Hospital, all due to open their doors this coming winter.

Patients from across Hertfordshire and west Essex who are waiting for non-complex orthopaedic surgery, spinal injections or ear, nose and throat (ENT) procedures will be invited to choose this new health facility for their care.

A whole new block is being built next to the current theatre suite, where two of the theatres and the procedure room will be for patients whose care is provided by either East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust, The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust or West Hertfordshire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. 

As well as a shorter waiting times, there will be an extremely low risk of cancellations or delays because the schedules are not affected by emergency surgery. More than 4,400 patients will be treated each year, with around half going home on the same day and others staying for a maximum of just one night.

Those who need more specialised care will be seen at The Lister, The Princess Alexandra or Watford General, depending on which of these would normally provide their hospital care. Patients who could be treated in St Albans but would prefer to be seen at the hospital nearest to them can choose to wait a bit longer if that is their preference.

Staff from all three of the hospital trusts will work together to form a combined theatre team, which will be bolstered by new recruits. Roles at the new ‘elective care hub’ are being advertised to existing staff this month, with external adverts to follow later this year.

Michael Meredith, director of strategy and estates at The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust, who leads the project, said: “It’s fantastic to see the demolition start, as it takes us a step nearer to being able to run an efficient and professional surgical facility for patients across Hertfordshire and west Essex. 

“By treating patients sooner, we can improve their experiences and outcomes. This is a real step change in the way we provide care for our communities.”

Whilst added parking is planned, spaces will be at a premium during the demolition and throughout the construction phase and so anyone visiting the St Albans City Hospital site is asked to consider public transport, if possible, or drop off and pick up.

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23 Comments for Harlow residents to get new hospital facilities-in St Albans:

Luke Burton
2024-02-14 07:46:02

Where are the surgeons, physicians, nurses, and other health professionals for this new building going to come from? NHS is already lacking trained staff.

Theresa cox
2024-02-14 09:00:19

Can you tell me when the new hospital at Harlow will be built, I have waited 3 yrs now for knee operations, and only needed one to start with now need 2 done. Also why is Harlow at the bottom of the league table. That really shocked me ???

Kim Oconnor
2024-02-14 10:44:58

... I've done a bus journey to St Albans, it took 3 hours to get there, by the time it went all round the houses.... And another 3 hours to get home. All though any new NHS services are welcomed, we have this council more concerned about the slash parks,etc etc, then they are providing a good NHS services in our own town. Don't forget we were promised a new hospital, how many times. How do you expect the elderly with no cars, to do this 6 hour bus journey.. when your not providing a service for them to get there..

Kim Oconnor
2024-02-14 10:51:18


2024-02-14 11:45:42

Wonderful….not. Promise of our own facilities / new hospital for years and years with nothing happening, can’t even decide on a suitable site but miraculously “ new facilities” can be financed , arranged and constructed by Christmas …25 plus miles away and we might be invited to attend and cut our waiting times. Not everyone will have transport and we need local not distant facilities. Who thought this a good idea?

Una Adams
2024-02-14 12:15:22

Why are harlow residents got to go to St Albans it takes three hrs to get to.I thought we was having a new hospital in Harlow.

2024-02-14 13:11:44

Nice one! Bring it on!

Mollie Clements
2024-02-14 14:51:34

Ridiculous I am 80 next month how am I supposed to get there, give our lovely PAH AN UPDATE so convenient to get to.

2024-02-14 17:31:19

Once the monorail is opened between Harlow bus station and Hemel Hempstead as per the hggt master plan we will all be able to book slots on our devices to quickly transport us to these other towns. Thank the lord for the wonderful plans from hggt thinking of our future needs.....

2024-02-14 22:11:50

Did you all actually belive boris johnson " 40 brand new hospitals,, 20.000 new police.. Get brexit done... I didnt have parties"

Andy Adcock
2024-02-15 08:53:14

Can we have a hospital here in Cheshunt fed up getting sent to North Middlesex all the time

2024-02-15 13:38:03

New hospital for Hertfordshire more like by the time you get there using public transport and waiting to be seen you might as well book a B&B

2024-02-15 15:39:47

Kim O'connor. I used to travel by the 724 everyday for 5 years to go to St Albans college of building . And it never took more than an hour. We used to stop at Ware , Hertford, Wellington garden city and St Albans High Street. I think you are exaggerating. If it meant saving my life or one of my families I would go anywhere.

Kim Oconnor
2024-02-15 18:18:07

Eddie, if you can get to St Albans from here in Harlow, in an hour, by public transport, I think you are the one exaggerating.. The fact is, we should not have to travel miles away to be treated. And I'll remind you Eddie, time is crucial is a life or death situation. Which is why theses facilities should be local.

2024-02-15 18:42:36

Kim . You only went there once and may have got held up due to road works. As I said I travelled there by bus for 5 years to college , how many days does that work out to. I never got held up and I don't exaggerate about that . I understand we should have medical help on our doorstep, but at the moment we have not , so any port in a storm as they say.

2024-02-15 18:58:39

724 runs only once an hour. Then you have to get into central harlow first to catch the bus. What about very early or late admission times ? Do you want to sit on a bus for an hour or more following surgery. Then you havd to try and get home ftom the god awful bus station potentially late in the evening, when most local buses run a skeleton service. Why aren't services being improved in Harlow ?

2024-02-15 20:10:03

Resident . You made a good response . I admit I was timing it from getting the bus and reaching the destination.

2024-02-15 20:32:41

The 724 is timetabled to take an hour and a half from Harlow to St Albans.

2024-02-16 09:06:25

You are all missing the point. The lying MP's , Councillor 's and NHS hierarchy who promised this great new hospital in Harlow are the one's we should be addressing. It is ridiculous that they expect somebody to attend an appointment or surgery travel over 1 1/2 hrs or more there and back because they in charge couldn't build what was promised. Come the election and remember who lied.

Tony Wiseman
2024-02-16 10:15:19

I have to say that I am quite concerned about the thought of Kim Oconnor being elected as a local councillor as she quite obviously does not read information fully before going off on a rant. The new facility at St Albans is specifically for elective surgery so, to quote the article, "there will be an extremely low risk of cancellations or delays because the schedules are not affected by emergency surgery". In other words Emergency treatment will continue at PAH and not at the new facility in St Albans. The article also says that you can decide not to be treated there but to wait and be treated at another, more local hospital. And don't forget that when Harlow patients who can get there are treated, that reduces the waiting time in Harlow for people who cannot travel there. Please also remember that Harlow residents are already sent to Basildon for heart related treatment, Cambridge for neurological treatment and Epping hospital for many outpatient appointments. Any expansion in NHS services close to Harlow are to be applauded. I am also concerned that she seems not to know which authorities, local or national, are responsible for which services. Harlow Council Tax for local services, like the splash pools etc, national government money for the NHS.

2024-02-16 18:43:12

Tony Wiseman, you are of course right. Kim O'Connor is renowned either for not reading the details or for not comprehending them. She seems to think that Harlow Council is responsible for everything from the price of North Sea oil to the selection of the Welsh Rugby team. The prospect of her ever becoming a councillor in Harlow is indeed a concern, although, on the plus side, she is certain to provide some light entertainment and amusement in the Chamber!

2024-02-16 21:05:10

Demolition OK when does the building work start???????? I wait with anticipation for it to be completed 😂😂😂🤞🤔🙄😳 or will the rest off the building contain rack 👀 completeion date would be nice then a on another 5 years on top 😉

Paul Jackson
2024-02-17 10:31:21

Kim O'Connor comments above are true. She rants about everything and anything, but usually just spouts nonsense. She not exactly a candidate for Mastermind, Mensa or Brain of Britain 😂🤣

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