Princess Alexandra Hospital prepares for another strike by junior doctors

Health / Tue 20th Feb 2024 at 05:49pm

PRINCESS Alexandra Hospital is preparing for another strike by junior doctors from Saturday.

The British Medical Association (BMA) has confirmed that the medics will take continuous industrial action from 7am on February 24 to 11.59pm on Wednesday, February 28.

Patients are being warned that there will be “significantly fewer” doctors on duty and there will be “disruption” to the provision of services before, during and after the strike.

A spokesman said: “Although we are working as hard as we can to minimise this as far as possible, some appointments, procedures and operations will be affected. We will be adjusting our services and the way we staff them to ensure quality of care.”

The advice was echoed by Dr Jane Halpin, chief executive of Hertfordshire and West Essex Integrated Care Board (ICB).

She said: “This strike action will present many challenges for patients, carers, our hospitals, and some of our GP practices too. With many doctors expected to be on strike, hospitals will not be able to run as normal and services will be working under immense pressure.

“Even with the careful planning that is taking place, both routine and emergency care are likely to be significantly affected. To prioritise life-saving emergency treatment, hospitals will postpone some non-urgent operations, treatments and routine appointments. Anyone whose treatment is going to be cancelled will be contacted directly. This is really unfortunate for those whose treatment is delayed, but with the majority of doctors not working, the remaining staff must cover the essential care patients need.

“During the last strikes, some people came to A&E with symptoms that should have been seen and treated elsewhere.

“If you come to A&E with a minor condition or illness during the strike, you are likely to face a very long wait and may be sent away to an alternative service A&E is always there for people with serious injuries and life-threatening emergencies, like heart attacks, strokes, or breathing difficulties, so in a genuine medical emergency call 999.

“There are many sources of advice about when to call 999, including on the NHS website. If you call 999 for an ambulance when you don’t need one, you could endanger the life of another person.

“NHS 111 is there 24 hours a day if you or a family member are unwell and need urgent medical help or advice on where to go. We have more staff in the NHS 111 service to cover this challenging week, so please use 111 online or by phone if you cannot manage symptoms yourself at home. Don’t forget the mental health support on offer via NHS 111 – by choosing option 2 when you get through.”

Princes Alexandra Hospital will notify patients if their appointment has been rescheduled – otherwise, they should attend as arranged.

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7 Comments for Princess Alexandra Hospital prepares for another strike by junior doctors:

2024-02-20 18:18:58

Not Again!!! I,m sorry but people could lose their lives because of the strike , is too much of a sacrifice.

2024-02-20 18:37:09

What is this country coming to. We need these people to heal the sick and this stupid government will not budge. Give them a break and a pay rise as ALL NHS staff deserve the rise for what they do. GO NHS

2024-02-20 19:11:34

JuJu these same Drs asked people to stay home and protect the NHS, at great cost to financially, educationally, emotionally and of course health wise. To fund this the government created £400B out of thin air, which has driven the inflation we see. Now having done everything they asked, we have waiting lists of 7 million, cannot see GPs, excess deaths are through the roof and god forbid you get cancer and are not a royal. To top it off they strike for more money. It is not a Tory issue the Welsh NHS is run by labour and even worse, the Scottish NHS by the SNP and is also a basket case. It is a NHS issue, it is outdated, inefficient, has staffing policies which are baffling. Before you defend the NHS at PAH ask why they spent £50K plus going to Vegas and 40K plus on communication consultants, it has the money it is badly allocated. How much more are tax payers going to take, we are robbed blind by the public sector to get worse and worse services.

peter linden
2024-02-20 23:51:41

We have a government that say you cant put a cap on banker's bonuses. But junior doctor's can't earn £20 an hour for saving our love one's lives. I am a porter in the hospital im happy enough on my £11 an hour.. Let me tell everyone including mr halfon. I see these young doctors pumping people chest of patients trying to preserve the life of people parent's. That's a humble act to watch, these young doctors deserve a fairer wage.. Please give them what they are worth.

David Forman
2024-02-21 15:48:37

I wish our wonderful junior doctors the very best wishes for a speedy victory in their dispute with the Tory Government.

Mark J Lennon
2024-02-21 18:11:23

Been waiting four years for an operation on my mouth. Average junior Doctor earns £34,000pa. Average greedy, corrupt politician earns £86,000pa. About time the people of this country stood up as one and said enough is enough.

John Sharpe
2024-02-22 16:58:38

All in favour for the pay rise But going in for a 35% rise in one hit won't happen needs to set a realistic pay rise try going to get a normal job and ask for a 35% pay bosses would just laugh and show them the door.but all what's happening is the people waiting for ops suffer

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