Robert Halfon MP praises work of Harlow’s Addiction Recovery Cafe

Harlow Council / Thu 22nd Feb 2024 at 04:55pm

LAST week, Harlow’s Member of Parliament, Robert Halfon, visited Essex Recovery Foundations’ cafe in the Harlow Playhouse to meet with the professionals and volunteers at the charity, and the members who benefit from the support available. 

Speaking to Your Harlow, Mr Halfon, said: “I was really pleased to visit the Harlow recovery cafe at the Playhouse. Essex Recovery Foundation, which runs the cafe, is an incredible organisation that offers practical support to those recovering from addiction. 

“The Foundation’s team is making a massive difference to those who attend, getting together and chatting over tea and cake from the wonderful Playhouse staff. It is vital that we support schemes such as the Essex Recovery Foundation, which is helping to end drug and alcohol addiction in Harlow.

“I would like to thank Steve, Sara and Ben who invited me to visit last week for everything they do to support Harlow people. If you need help with addiction or just want to talk, I strongly encourage you to go to one of their sessions, held every Wednesday between 10.30am – 12.30pm in the new Recovery Cafe at the Harlow Playhouse.”

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4 Comments for Robert Halfon MP praises work of Harlow’s Addiction Recovery Cafe:

2024-02-22 17:39:39

Made to feel welcome by Dan & his volunteers. Also puts you in the right direction to people who can help with your addiction.

2024-02-22 20:45:15

Fantastic Recovery Space. Always made welcome.Great atmosphere and amazing people. Thanks Dan from ERF for all your hard work. Thanks also to Playhouse staff for your support 👍

2024-02-23 12:35:19

Ruin the country, drive people to drink & drugs, then visit them in the addiction recovery unit.

X waste of time
2024-02-23 20:30:24

Why is he not forging ahead with his job as 'Education Minister? And making a local school his Top priority? The year 11 pupils have had to put up with temporary make shift classrooms for 3years and then stay at home for nearly 2 years! With no proper facilities! How are they going to achieve at a top level? Year he is spending an awful lot of his time attending photo opportunities? Why when this school is so close to his Community is he not able to answer basic questions like what the hell happened? Why is the school having to be torn down? It too 2 years (should have taken 1 year as it was a prefabricated building which means the majority of the work was completed off site and just needed to be bolted together on site) to put up and yet it is going to take 3 to correct the the defects? Surely you'd think as the Education Minister this is high on his priorities?

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