Education: Harlow MP Robert Halfon welcomes “increase in school funding”

Education: Secondary / Fri 1st Mar 2024 at 09:46am

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has welcomed an “increase in school funding” and thanked Harlow teachers and staff.

Mr Halfon said: “School funding is up by 15% in Harlow. I greatly welcome the Conservatives Government’s announcement that school funding is rising to more than £59.6 billion next year – the highest ever level per pupil.

“In the last two years alone schools in #Harlow have benefitted from a £11,552,341 increase in school funding.

“This additional funding is helping school leaders to continue to invest in the areas that we know positively impact educational attainment, including high quality teaching and targeted support to the children who need it most – as well as help schools to manage higher costs, including staff pay awards and higher energy bills.

“A massive thank you to all school leaders, teachers and support staff who work tirelessly to support Harlow families!”

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4 Comments for Education: Harlow MP Robert Halfon welcomes “increase in school funding”:

2024-03-01 19:59:52

Hmmmm... Think we may need to get this fact-checked.

2024-03-01 23:16:51

I believe that the amount per student is now the same as it was in 2010, I may be wrong but I doubt it.

2024-03-02 14:08:35

I doubt that the additional funding will make up for the overall decrease since 2010. As for "funding" staff pay awards... these are predicted to be below inflation this year.

Harlow Parent
2024-03-06 22:00:18

No mention of how much costs have increased? You can give a £1 extra but if what you are buying goes up by £2 you are worse off. Inflation. Economic crash caused by Truss budget. You may have given extra money but if it doesn’t match extra outlay that’s a cut in real terms

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