Hundreds of jobs to go as UK Salads in Roydon goes into administration

Business / Tue 5th Mar 2024 at 08:04am

A MAJOR supplier of fresh produce based on the border of Harlow has gone into administration with the loss of over 200 jobs.

The Grocer understands that UK Salads based at Netherhall Road in Roydon has unsecured creditors totalling more than £10m.

Alastair Massey and Glyn Mummery, partners at FRP, were appointed as joint administrators on 28 February.

”UK Salads was a well-established growing, packing and importing company supplying to major retailers, wholesalers, catering and the public,” said an FRP statement. “Unfortunately, following a period of challenging trading conditions, the business was unable to meet its financial obligations as they fell due, entered into administration and ceased to trade.” 

This has resulted in around 200 redundancies and the joint administrators will support those in making claims to the Redundancy Payments Service. 

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17 Comments for Hundreds of jobs to go as UK Salads in Roydon goes into administration:

2024-03-05 09:59:08

Would you mind cleaning all your junk up behind your nursery, old sofas, black bags etc, a massive fire and environmental risk! - Us residents who live behind you don’t want to keep seeing your waste! You have been asked several times to clear it…SO CLEAR IT!!! Also tell your illegal workers to STOP walking through Sheppards!

2024-03-05 10:00:43

No supprise there then! I agree with what Peter is saying here!

2024-03-05 10:38:52

Always sad to see companies go to the wall, sadly it will not the last there is to much debt, regulation and taxation thanks to both the labour and conservative governments since 1997. We are now in the end game

2024-03-05 10:46:36

Salads, is that what they call it.

2024-03-05 12:06:11

What a surprise , this business was sold a couple of years ago to a private firm . So now they can sell the land off for housing , bet this was planned all along , Hopefully this will stop the HGVs using Low Hill as a shortcut , destroying the banks as they force their way down it.

Guy Flegman
2024-03-05 12:06:19

Still at least the public got some cheap salads. Too many businesses are just treading water and dicing with bankruptcy every month, just so Joe Public can have cheap things. Welcome to the race to the bottom, and people still can’t or refuse to get their heads around the problem. You can’t get funding for your business but you can get money for diversity training, but that does not pay the bills. The house is filling with smoke you need to wake up!

2024-03-05 12:10:55

Redundancy pay what for illegal workers!!! surly that's not right also the rubbish left in woods and constant noise to us residents is a knightmare

Good luck
2024-03-05 12:11:14

Peter, think they have more to worry about now they have gone under, so you’ll need to report it to the council for them to clear/remove it.

facts are facts
2024-03-05 12:27:03

Phillip, if they are “illegal workers” of course they won’t get redundancy, it’s impossible. More likely they are just foreign workers working legally but you assume for some reason, that they are “illegal” as they are foreign…

2024-03-05 14:46:41

Sad to see this go, local employment will be effected. Will the council provide help to those who has lost their livelihoods?

Livvy Richardson
2024-03-05 20:38:41

I've worked in this field of protected cropping & I know all about the regulations rules & what each supermarket & company are wanting & they change the guidelines all the time. Then we have the government putting their oar in with the regulations they require & we are importing more than producing. No wonder their backs are against the wall with debts. You may not want these workers but it's incredibly difficult to get people from this country to do this sort of work! I hope all of you find jobs

Jon smith
2024-03-05 21:06:16

A friend of mine rented his nursery to uk salads and their workers completely destroyed his caravan not to mention other things, he's financially out of pocket and now has to clear up the mess left behind..

Sheppards Resident
2024-03-06 10:36:59

Peter, this is UK Salads in Roydon not Green Acre Salads... sadly a different company.

racist idoits.
2024-03-06 12:29:06

if they are "illegal" they cannot claim redundancy or benefits, by virtue of being "illegal"... only legal ones can get any help... just because they are foreign don't assume they are illegal.

2024-03-06 18:04:26

Shame it’s not Green Acre…pain in the asses I say. I’m fed up of them all walking though Sheppards them and their noisy illegal family's. - we need a fence putting up or somthing. Council won’t do nothing about their junk out back as it’s private land and theirs no right of way for the public.

No judge,just help if you can
2024-03-07 09:05:41

I don’t understand you guys when you said about “illegal” workers, that is not possible. Do not judge all the people who are working or living on uk salads property’s about any junk or black bags what you guys mention up here. If you really think those who are living there are doing those big big mistakes report them to council and I am sure they will sorted out. But I met some of the people who are living there and they are really nice and very hard workers,full family,men and wife,Men,wife and children. So please double check before tarnishing everyone's character, even if they are of other nationalities or religions. Thank you and hope all these people will find out a new job and specifically a new home,we don’t want to see families on the street with their newborn kids,or young kids.

2024-03-08 21:39:52

Hard working people working on these nurseries.. I've worked on the one next to it... Most repetitive, boring, tedious job to grow peppers which ends up in supermarket aisle and no one has a clue of the sweat, the low wage and tears that's gone behind.. Some of the people here thinks their food comes from the sky!! Get your hands in the soil and you'll understand! UK Farmers / nurseries are struggling.. Now go outsouce your GMO crops from the States.. UK is really going downhill as most of Europe..

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