Labour’s Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner looks to upset the odds.

Elections / Sat 16th Mar 2024 at 02:12pm

ON MAY 2nd, you will get a chance to vote for the Essex Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner.

The Labour candidate is Colchester-based Adam Fox.

We caught up with Adam when he was out campaigning in the Milwards area of Harlow.

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5 Comments for Labour’s Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner looks to upset the odds.:

Mr Grumpy
2024-03-16 14:47:09

Vote for someone to be paid a disgustingly high salary whilst they strip the emergency services budget to the bone? No thanks. I could not live with that on my conscious.

Graham vh
2024-03-16 15:35:26

I am astonished that somehow the commissioner of police is a parliamentary or council party affiliated person obviously I'm wrong but I thought the idea behind this post was that it would be a totally independent how wrong I am.

David Forman
2024-03-17 06:01:33

The incumbent PFCC Roger Hirst has made a difference. Unlike some local politicians, especially Labour ones, Mr Hirst always answers my numerous emails and he clearly takes on board issues raised by people at his regular public meetings. Mr Hirst will be getting my vote.

Guy Flegman
2024-03-17 09:32:19

Another public role that should never exist. It seems we vote in politicians who seem to have good intentions, but all they actually do is come up with increasingly complicated ways of wasting public money.

2024-03-17 23:18:43

Let's get rid of PCCs and it's pointless levels of staffing and hand back control of our Police to Chief Constables who actually know what's going on rather than politically motivated morons

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