People getting home from hospital “quicker than ever” in Essex

Health / Sat 16th Mar 2024 at 10:06am

RECENT NHS data shows Essex County Council as a top performer in getting people home from hospital.

The data is from the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework (ASCOF). The framework measures how well care and support services achieve the outcomes that matter most to people.

The most recent data (2022/23) shows that permanent admissions into residential care (1,089 admissions) in Essex were a rate of 349.3 per 100,000 of the over 65 population. This is compared to a national average of 560.8 per 100,000.

This is the equivalent of 659 people being supported home, rather than admitted into a residential care setting. This means more people are being helped to live independently at home and that delays in hospital discharge are reduced.

Recent internal NHS data also shows the county council as joint best in the country for low levels of delayed discharges.

The council, alongside the NHS and other partners have a responsibility to support people leaving hospital.

They must support with the transition to either home or residential care, and arrange any long term care if needed. Getting people home from hospital quickly is important in helping people achieve the best possible long-term outcomes. Delays to people ready and able to leave hospital can lead to more on-going needs. Delays can cause:

  • a greater dependency on support
  • a prolonged risk of infection
  • frustration and upset for the individuals

Councillor John Spence, Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care said: “Prompt discharge is a whole-system achievement and one which has not gone unnoticed in Westminster, where Dame Priti Patel MP thanked us for our efforts on health and wellbeing in a debate this week. We thank all our NHS colleagues in the various organisations involved.

 “Making sure people are discharged from hospital promptly is crucial in achieving our ambition that the residents of Essex are able to live well and independently as long as possible. Ultimately, it means people not having to experience long waits in hospital before either getting home or, where needed, to the most appropriate care setting.”

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1 Comment for People getting home from hospital “quicker than ever” in Essex:

2024-03-16 10:56:05

I agree that patients be allowed home but only if they are fully treated. My father in law was told on a Thursday he wouldn't be discharged until the beginning to the middle of the following week. The next day we received a call saying he was being discharged around 3:30pm that day followed by a call saying he was on his way to the ambulance for his transfer home by lunchtime. He was re-admitted on the following Tuesday straight to resus. The paramedics recorded it as a failed discharge the previous week. It is well known that the hospital discharges patients on a Friday to free up beds for the weekend. It nearly cost my father in law his life.

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