Holy Cross primary pupils hold question time with Harlow MP Robert Halfon

Education / Tue 19th Mar 2024 at 10:47am

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon visited Holy Cross Primary on Friday morning.

A spokesperson for the Tripton Road school said: “We were pleased to welcome MP Robert Halfon, to our school on Friday.

“Year 6 pupils were pleased to have the opportunity to ask Mr Halfon about how he started his career in politics and one pupil wanted to know how he felt when he was told he had become a member of Parliament.

“The children asked questions about what it was like to work in the House of Commons and were keen to know if he had met the King and Queen.

“It was a great opportunity for pupils at Holy Cross to meet important members of our community in Harlow.

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2 Comments for Holy Cross primary pupils hold question time with Harlow MP Robert Halfon:

Anyone Else
2024-03-19 18:53:42

Well done kids. Brilliant. And it is good you get to meet your mp and believe in democracy. But yeah he seems like a nice MP but the problem is his whole career he's just voted for all the policies that have hit places like Harlow hardest. He just does what he's told by his absolute car crash of a party. He won't speak out against the racism or anything that actually takes personality. His party have a problem with racism - either that or they're a racist party. By not speaking out he's complicit. That's before you look at the rest of the 14 years of absolute failure after failure. Yeah he seems nice but what he represents has ruined Britain. Your Britain and your children's Britain. Ruined. Don't be fooled by his shameless pr campaign. The damage is done.

2024-03-21 14:14:26

As I recall, the party actually independently condemned for racism was the Labour Party in October 2020 by the Equality & Human Rights Commission. Which party has the most ethically diverse Cabinet? Conservative. Which party was the first to elect an ethnic Asian leader as PM? Conservative. How many women leaders has Labour had? None! How many women leaders have the Conservatives had? Three. Think Anyone Else should check the facts before espousing prejudice and falsehoods.

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