Official notices published for a number of elections in May

Elections / Fri 22nd Mar 2024 at 04:15pm

THE following notices have been published on the council’s website for elections taking place on Thursday 2 May 2024:

Updated information on these elections can be found at https://www.harlow.gov.uk/voting-and-elections/latest-election-news

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17 Comments for Official notices published for a number of elections in May:

David Amith
2024-03-22 18:30:51

Let’s kick the rotten Tories out of Harlow. 33 Tory losses. Cmon everyone, we can make this happen. Make sure to vote 3 times for the party most likely to beat the Tories in your ward

2024-03-22 23:06:37

David, I assume you know the difference between Local and National elections, The local Harlow conservative party are going a great job, keeping their share of council tax down, pushing ahead with massive regeneration projects and getting to grips with the housing issues, The National party however deserve to be wiped out, they are certainly not acting like conservatives.

2024-03-23 06:25:26

David Amith, I think Pedro is being excessively magnanimous with regards to his estimation of your IQ and capacity for critical analysis and discerning judgement. For me, having read your rather crass comments, I must say that images of a plank of considerable dimension spring to mind.

David Forman
2024-03-23 07:38:29

I see there are three seats are up for grabs in each of the 11 wards, making a total of 33. I have received three Conservative leaflets in Sumners & Kingsmoor ward, others nil. The Conservatives produced a budget, but others failed to produce an alternative. Plenty of regeneration projects on the go, but zero from Labour during their ten years in charge. Politics is about changing the world around you and the Conservatives have done that in spades. Harlow Alliance Party have also made a real effort given their size. Labour are just taking people for granted.

James Leppard
2024-03-23 08:09:27

David Forman, also worth mentioning that the current administration also intervened energetically and successfully to stop Newham Borough from acquiring the new Burnt Mills development and creating what would have been a second Terminus House in our town, which we would now certainly be facing had Harlow Labour been in control.

HAP all the way!
2024-03-23 09:39:50

Well done HAP for quietly and effectively working behind the scenes,without fanfare by speaking to real people and addressing real concerns.This is exactly what councillors are supposed to do!!!!In my opinion labour and the tories are all pals together.GET THE TORIES OUT!!!!!!They are destroying our town.

HAP all the way!
2024-03-23 10:06:31

In my opinion the tories repeated bashing of labour is all part of a cunning plan to distract attention from HAP and put people off voting for them as they are (at the moment)a small party.I believe if people who want to get the tories out vote for labour as the tories hope,people are actually voting for tory policies...

David Amith
2024-03-23 10:07:17

Pedro, “the observer”, you can make all the assumptions about my intelligence you want. You don’t need a degree from Cambridge to understand that the local Tories are the exact same as their mates at county, and at Downing Street. Thankfully elections aren’t fought and won in the comments of YourHarlow, otherwise god help us - we’d be governed by James Leppard and every other variation of name he uses. Or even worse, by David Forman

HAP all the way!
2024-03-23 14:22:26

How pathetic and desperate if James Leppard is posting comments under different names.Wonder if "observer"is him.I have zero respect for any of this lot.They dont care about residents.We need a new regime.

Bruce Downey
2024-03-23 15:37:53

HAP only halfway to Happy just about sums them up.

David Amith
2024-03-23 22:35:10

Yvonne … or James Leppard?

James Leppard
2024-03-24 07:40:34

Why have neither Labour or the Greens replied to the proposal by the Leader of the Council, published in YH on 11 March for the respective party leaders to participate in public hustings where they can each present their local plans for Harlow and debate amongst themselves and be questioned by the general public? This is a normal democratic practice and gives equal opportunity to all candidates to present and debate their plans. To be fair, the leader of HAP expressed a willingness to engage. However, there has been only silence from Labour and the Greens. Not only is this bad form as well as bad manners, it clearly shows they are both running very scared of genuine scrutiny of their vacuous plans for Harlow. Clearly they have no stomach for the public fray. Shame on them.

Kim Oconnor
2024-03-24 09:43:40

I see Mr James Leppard is having a happy hour ,doing what he does best. Slating every party of.

James Leppard
2024-03-24 10:25:15

Kim O'Connor, hustings are a well-established British tradition. They are an open forum with an independent adjudicator to facilitate open debate and public engagement. You yourself often complain that the public should be more involved. I would have thought you would support this with enthusiasm. We should all be concerned with low turnout. This is obviously not party political. All parties have equal standing at a public hustings. Cannot understand the reluctance of Labour and the Greens not only to engage, but at least have the decency to declare their respective positions. Also, am not 'slating' every party; I specifically stated that HAP had responded positively. It is Labour and the Greens that lack the good manners to reply; very bad form on their part.

2024-03-24 11:04:53

Labour and Greens probably won't show because in Harlow they've got nothing to offer. They just whinge about national issues which they have no influenceon. These local elections are about running Harlow and nothing else as Pedro mentioned. Stick with what is working, which ain't the Greens or Labour!

James Leppard
2024-03-25 10:37:11

I retract my criticism of Harlow Greens, whom I understand are now also in favour of participating in a public hustings. That just leaves Harlow Labour. So much for their transparency and democratic accountability.

Mark Gough
2024-03-26 11:34:12

I believe the Greens have organised a hustings on Friday 12th April. As UKIP Harlow Leader, I will be there if I can change my work shift. Have the Conservatives got any others planned? Thanks to the Greens for my hand delivered invitation.

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