Harlow Labour leader on Church Langley Medical Centre report and reforming the NHS

Health / Sat 30th Mar 2024 at 07:20am

THE Labour candidate for the constituency of Harlow at the next General Election has commented on the recent report into Church Langley Medical Centre and as reflected on the present state of the NHS.

Chris Vince said: “The recent report into Church Langley Medical Practice is extremely alarming. It is vital that practice managers heed the major concerns raised in the report and act upon them as soon as possible. It is encouraging to note the comments of a practice spokesperson regarding an action plan that is already addressing some of the highlighted issues but there is clearly much more to be done. Patients and their families deserve much better.

This comes just days after another report found that patient satisfaction with the NHS has dramatically dropped to just 24% compared with 70% in 2010.

Be it our schools, our hospitals or our GP and dentistry services there is a huge crisis and behind it a floundering Conservative government which is more focused on internal squabbling than solving the many problems of their own making.

As an immediate priority, Labour will grip the biggest crisis in the history of the NHS, tackling the massive waiting list backlog. We will do this by getting the basics right and then undertaking the long-term reforms to make sure the NHS is fit for the future.

The last Labour government rebuilt the NHS and slashed waiting times, so we have a track record of success.

At the heart of Labour’s reforms will be a plan to move care closer to communities. The NHS must become a Neighbourhood Health Service as much as a National Health Service – supported by cutting edge treatment and technology, to prevent illness. We will trial Neighbourhood Health Centres bringing together family doctors, district nurses, care workers, physiotherapists, and mental health specialists under one roof.

“It’s time to rebuild the NHS”.

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6 Comments for Harlow Labour leader on Church Langley Medical Centre report and reforming the NHS:

2024-03-30 09:34:02

Vince, Tax the private sector to help pay for reform and sweeten the pill by offering the private sector reasonable contracts to take on nhs work. Win win.

2024-03-30 09:47:16

Edward - It is the private sector which pays all taxes the public sector cannot pay taxes (it can move money around though). the real issue is the NHS is just appalling and it is nothing to do with money it is largely dude to the staff who are arrogant, entitled and have no ability to want to change. Why do consultants not work weekends, why does critical scanners etc close at weekends, why are they not running 24/.7. Lets reform the NHS on a contribution based model like in the rest of the EU.

James Leppard
2024-03-30 19:07:15

Chris Vince, how about replying to the invitation to participate in the all party pre-election public hustings? Every party has confirmed, except Harlow LABOUR, which hasn't even had the decency to reply. What are you hiding? What are you scared of? If you think you are MP material, you need some backbone!

2024-03-30 21:17:26

The NHS has plenty of money, what it seriously needs is reform it wastes time and money on pointless diversity management and projects, it has huge purchasing issues, wastes taxpayers money on "management consultants" Even Labour are aware of the waste within the health service, in a recent speech Labour shadow health secretary Wes Streeting highlighted over £10 Billion of waste, it's time to face reality and reform the service from the top down before it's destroyed completely

Mark Gough
2024-03-30 22:28:11

Chris, Chris, Chris! You are utterly clueless on this issue! Until you stop capping Medical School and Nurse training places at 10k, you will never fix the 100k shortage of each. The State Registered Nurse needs to be brought back as not all Nurses need a degree. Last time in Government you crippled the NHS with PFI debts. You created situations like the Stafford disaster. You created a situation where there were more managers than beds in the NHS. You distorted Medical priorities by getting in growing toe nails done over cancer treatment to hit your arbitrary targets. You had trolleys having their wheels removed in corridors so your arbitrary four hour bed targets in A&E were met. You tried reducing the number of patients per GP without training any more GPs. I know one Trust in 2007 who had a 7.5 GP shortage, 50 of the 75 they had qualified for retirement within five years, and to meet your targets they would have needed another 186! They were already 7.5 short! Labour are clueless on the NHS and every other issue. They can't tell you about how they will pay for it either! Their £28bn, like every other policy has been U-turned on. What do Labour offer on Mental Health or Social Care? God knows cos these matter too! The Tories are bad, but this clueless Labour lot are even worse! I advise the Electorate to look beyond the same two old parties for the real change the Country needs. Mark Gough - Leader of Harlow UKIP

David Forman
2024-03-31 09:28:06

It is not often that I say Mark Gough has made some relevant points. The whole competitive internal market fragments the national character of the NHS. The administration costs have risen as a result of the Tories scrapping the NHS I.T. computer project which was meant to seamlessly handle the flow of data between NHS and private providers. The reform Labour's Wes Streeting has in mind is lots more private providers.

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