Harlow Playhouse: Review: A treasure trove of entertainment and comedy at Treasure Island

Entertainment / Sat 30th Mar 2024 at 11:42am

Review of Treasure Island by KD Theatre Productions in association with Harlow Playhouse

IT says something about the success of the Harlow Playhouse, that whilst a number of theatres may stay dark over the Easter period, they raise their game with a swashbuckling pantomime playing to packed out audiences.

Sometimes, when you are reviewing, you need to watch the audience and on Friday night, you saw generations laughing, singing and clapping away to two hours of great fun.

The cast is relatively compact with six characters and two dancers but their personalities and performances fill the whole theatre.

Before we refer to the cast, we always like to pay tribute to the sets. The first backdrop of a ship in the harbour was gorgeous and created a depth to the stage and a warmth to the whole environment.

The show begins with Davina the Sea Witch played by Katherine Hickmott. She sets the scene regarding finding treasure and gets a few early boos in.

Before you know it is time to get the “good” characters on. Dame Betty Blackbeard played by Rob Stevens was wonderful throughout with a very light touch and you really felt that he was enjoying performing. There was a wonderful piece of audience participation with a very game Warren.

The same could be said as the legendary Silly Billy Bones (played by Ben Parsley) entered the fray. Again it is Ben’s energy that fills the auditorium.

Yes, he has the jokes and the puns in what is a very funny script but it is the delivery and timing that is everything.

That brings us to Fanny Galore. Fanny has now become a Harlow treasure all her own and the audience love her. Any doubt, then wait until the end of the show when audience members are lining up to have their photograph with Fanny.

The double entendres come think and fast from Cockfosters, Cockatoo and terrible jokes that seem to be standing the test of time. One about armageddon comes to mind.

Two set pieces involving a lot of bottles and then one on “pit hissing” showed tremendous verbal dexterity. We also thought the Blind Date sketch with James from the audience was hilarious.

It must also be said that the singing and dancing was superb. Much credit to Bethany Jane Wynn as Jane Hawkins as well as Terry Burns as Captain Zack Barlow and the two ensemble dancers, Lacey Creed and Joe Churms.

And in a General Election year, we congratulate the scriptwriters in getting three political jokes in.

There is now such a warm bond between the Easter/Christmas pantomimes and the Harlow audiences but that comes through years and years of dedicated craft and producing a really good show.

This was the reviewer’s four year old grandson Tommy’s first panto and he was very pleased. He slept with his cutlass all night!

Overall, great entertanment, great value for money and

More details on Treasure Island can be found below.


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20 Comments for Harlow Playhouse: Review: A treasure trove of entertainment and comedy at Treasure Island:

Connie Buckmaster
2024-03-30 13:20:10

Came to see the panto on opening night and loved every minute !!! Amazing cast, fabulous set and staging, but Fanny Galore was my favourite, she absolutely stuns in every show she performs and this one is no exception!!! Her costumes are phenomenal and I can’t stop smiling when she’s on stage!! Simply love her !!!

Sally Buckmaster
2024-03-30 14:27:34

We came to see the Treasure Island pantomime on opening night and you would not have known that it was the first showing ! This team are confident professionals! Stage looked great , all costumes were amazing , especially Fanny Galore , who had so many quick changes ! She brought the glamour for sure ! The interaction with the audience is fabulous! Just makes you feel so welcome and part of it ! Lovely to hear the children shouting with delight ! I would totally recommend this production! You definitely leave with a big smile on your face and wanting to see it again ! Well done to everyone involved !

Kerry Whitehead
2024-03-30 14:34:37

Wow what an amazing show the Playhouse puts on as always. Cast are fabulous singing and dancing. And what can I saw about our local treasure and legend superstar Fanny Galore who is as always outstanding. Keep the amazing shows coming Harlow Playhouse you do an amazing job for us locals and so glad to have this place!

Dawn Raggio
2024-03-30 16:53:11

Wow. What a performance! Fanny was absolutely out of this world! A fantastic cast with some very cheeky one liners, had the audience hooked from the word go. So glad we went. The children where so enthralled as we're all the adults. Well done Fanny, can't wait for the next one! It's so great to see these wonderful performances that keep everyone laughing.

2024-03-30 19:57:53

We went to the opening night and it was brilliant. My son is nearly 4 years old and he absolutely loved Fanny & Silly Billy! (He even bought the merch at the counter!!) A fun family outing for all ages. Well done to all production!!

2024-03-30 20:08:41

This year’s Harlow Playhouse KD Theatre Productions Easter Pantomime was my favourite! Was so much fun, a really good show for all the family… great humour throughout! The cast was amazing! Fanny Galore was fantastic and the outfits this year just keep getting better and better! A must to go and see this Easter… can’t wait to see the show again! Well done 👏

2024-03-30 21:25:32

Enjoyed this so much! Great fun for kids and adults alike. The costumes were amazing, the cast were obviously enjoying themselves and great to see Fanny Galore on centre stage. Hope this continues to be an annual event.

Leigh Murphy
2024-03-30 22:22:47

KD Academy never disappoints. The set, costumes and cast are amazing. The Harlow playhouse staff, greeting hosts at the auditorium doors and all the volunteers make for an awesome atmosphere. We are big Fanny fans and she was fabulous obviously. All the cast were professional, talented and so funny. Silly Billy is a joy and an exceptional star. The audience was bursting with families and children raucous with laughter. Great work Harlow Playhouse!!

2024-03-30 22:52:01

I love Fanny!

Another Fanny Lover
2024-03-30 22:53:29

I also love Fanny

Eloise Potts
2024-03-31 05:41:59

I came to the opening night of Treasure Island, and it did not disappoint. From the staging to the characters roles, all were perfectly executed and highly amusing at times. My favourite of all was Fanny Galore, who sprinkled much laughter, sparkling outfits and tongue in checks scenes that appealed to the adults in the audience - I personally would have liked to see more of Fanny in the show but either way, the show was an Easter treat.

2024-03-31 08:25:46

What a delightful evening at Harlow Playhouse for the opening night of Treasure Island! From the moment the curtains rose, I was swept away by the impeccable staging and the superb performances of the cast. Fanny Galore, in particular, stole the spotlight with her infectious energy and hilarious antics. While I too wished for more of her on stage, every moment was filled with laughter and joy, making it a perfect Easter treat. Kudos to KD Academy for their consistently amazing productions, and to the entire team at Harlow Playhouse for creating such a welcoming atmosphere. Already looking forward to the next show! 🎭🌟🤖

2024-03-31 18:40:22

I came to see Treasure Island on opening night. It was absolutely amazing, from start to finish. From the casting, the set, costumes and the acting and jokes (for adults) was so funny, the adults loved it as much as the children. It's the 3rd Easter panto I have been to, and I'm going back Wednesday to see it again....Fanny Galore was absolutely brilliant, as she always is, her talent, humour and her beautiful outfits are outstanding. Fanny you truly are a star 🌟 x

2024-04-01 19:44:09

Went to see the show today my 5 &7 year old loved it fanny Galore was brilliant as ever and so was silly billy 🤣🤣

2024-04-01 20:19:14

My family and I went to see Treasure Island tonight and it was absolutely amazing. The jokes made me belly laugh and I want to get my hands on that silly Billy 🤪. Fanny Galore fabulous as always 😍

2024-04-01 22:03:09

It was amazing! Fanny was one of the funniest drag queens I have ever seen in a panto and really made the show! It was a great experience for both me and our friends and even tho the ensemble was small they were so powerful!

2024-04-01 22:08:47

Fanny was absolutely AMAZING! So so funny and she smashed it. The ensemble (Joe Churms and Lacey Creed) stole the show every appearance they made, a powerful duo (only 2 of them!!) . A night to remember 100%, probably the best panto I’ve ever seen. WE ❤️ FANNY

2024-04-01 22:18:41

This Easter show was incredible! We laughed non stop. The cast were PHENOMENAL! Stand outs for us were Fanny Galore who had shone with talent, jokes and costume changes which were beautiful, and Joe Churms was great in the Ensemble joined by Lacey Creed. The entire cast were loving every minute! Book now, & Remeber a fanny is not just for easter its for life!!! WE ❤️ FANNY

Roisin Murphy
2024-04-03 21:46:28

We adored the Panto! The show was amazing and hilarious as always. Fanny was incredible and her costumes were dazzling. We had the best time!

2024-04-03 21:47:17

We adored the Panto! The show was amazing and hilarious as always. Fanny was incredible and her costumes were dazzling. We had the best time!

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