Harlow Labour to field a “full slate” of 33 candidates for May local elections

Elections / Fri 5th Apr 2024 at 09:10am

WITH less than a month until Harlow voters go to the polls, Harlow Labour is excited to announce a full slate of 33 candidates for every ward in Harlow and to outline their plans for the town.

A spokesperson said: “Our plans for Harlow consist of five pledges. These pledges are our contract with Harlow residents to restore faith in the council; we know that this Conservative administration has given up on governing, and Harlow Labour are ready to start cleaning up the mess they have created. Council services are overstretched or slashed, regeneration is stalling, developers are out of control, and the administration can’t even get the basics right. It is time for change in Harlow. 

Chris Vince, Leader of the Harlow Labour Group, has said “I’m excited at the opportunity to put across our message in the town, showcasing precisely why Labour is the best choice for Harlow. It’s an opportunity to articulate the unique value Labour can bring to Harlow, solidifying our commitment to this community and its future.”

So, our pledges to Harlow residents are clear and we will stick to them:

Spending your money wisely

– We will get Harlow Council spending back under control and tackle the £10.8 million black hole left by the Conservative-run administration.

– Protect much loved services—The Playhouse, Pets Corner and Paddling Pools 

– Ensure Essex County Council spends its fair share in Harlow. 

Getting the basics right 

– Create hundreds more parking spaces in our housing estates. 

– Work with HTS to make Harlow a cleaner and greener town. 

– Invest money into our hatches, making them appealing places to shop. 

Championing Harlow businesses

– Ensure Harlow Businesses are at the top of the pile for council contracts. 

– Make Harlow an appealing place to set up and run your business, 

– Work with the education sector to strengthen our apprentice schemes at Harlow Council and HTS. 

Holding developers to account 

– Ensure the promises made by developers are enacted.

– Put social housing at the heart of every development.

– Make sure local voices are heard regarding any new development. 

Protecting council services 

– Fully fund The Playhouse, Pets Corner and Paddling Pools. 

– Put our Community Safety Team back into the heart of our neighbourhoods. 

– Upgrade our play parks to give children a safe place to play. 

Harlow Labour has already begun campaigning on these pledges, ensuring as many voters as possible hear our manifesto and get the opportunity to meet their ward candidates. 

Their candidates, by wards:

Bush Fair 

– Jodi Dunne

– Mark Ingall

– Kay Morrison

Church Langley North & Newhall 

– Simon O’Dell

– John Solomon 

– Edna Stevens 

Church Langley South & Potter Street 

– Christine Gallacher

– Jeff Mace 

– Emma Mullard-Toal

Great Parndon 

– Rosie Jackson 

– Allan Jolley 

– Harry Tennison 

Latton Bush & Stewards  

– Luke Howard 

– Peiyee O’Dell 

– Phillip Waite 

Little Parndon & Town Centre 

– Tony Durcan

– Margaret Hulcoop

– Chris Vince

Mark Hall 

– Michael Houlihan 

– Aiden O’Dell 

– Lanie Shears 


– James Griggs 

– Stefan Mullard-Toal

– Nancy Watson 

Old Harlow  

– Michael Danvers 

– Liam Kerrigan 

– Anita Schultschik


– Tony Edwards

– Daniella Pritchard 

– Jake Shepherd 

Sumners & Kingsmoor 

– Robert Davis 

– Cara Sheridan 

– Simon Vincent

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31 Comments for Harlow Labour to field a “full slate” of 33 candidates for May local elections:

Dan Swords
2024-04-05 09:22:32

There is not one thing in their plan that isn’t included in Harlow Conservatives pledges and Corporate Plan. Truly extraordinary. Absolutely nothing about building council houses and rebuilding the town centre. It is clear Harlow Labour could not run Harlow Council.

Dan Swords
2024-04-05 09:30:50

Further to the point, in 2021 Harlow Labour were named “worst Council in Essex. In 2024, Harlow Conservatives were shortlisted for “most improved Council in England”. Who would you trust to run Harlow Council? Not a word on council tax, building council homes, rebuilding the town centre, how they would spend the hundreds of millions the Government have given to Harlow Council to rebuild the town centre, nothing on climate change, and actually no plan whatsoever. Where is the how? How are they going to do any of these things? Answer: they don’t know. They’ve said nothing about Harlow all year, now they’re beaten into saying something so they just announce platitudes that they’ve picked from Harlow Council’s corporate plan and the work they’re doing this year. I also see they have dropped their promise to “have a meeting” to set an “emergency budget” - probably because they were told by statutory officers that is not possible.

Kim Oconnor
2024-04-05 09:36:38

Dan swords, only that none of yours have materialised.

Dan Swords
2024-04-05 09:38:30

Let’s also look at Harlow Councils budget for 2024 and what it included and how Harlow Labour voted on each item: 1. Invest record amounts into the Playhouse, Pets Corner, paddling pools and museum - Harlow Labour voted against. 2. Create over 1,000 new parking spaces in our estates (already underway) - Harlow Labour voted against. 3. Invest over £40 million into improving our neighbourhoods, hatches and making the town greener and tidier - Harlow Labour voted against. 4. Create more apprenticeships at the council and HTS - Harlow Labour voted against. 5. Invest into our playgrounds to upgrade them - Harlow Labour voted against. 6. Invest into our community safety team and build a new community safety hub - Harlow Labour voted against. 7. Fully fund our planning service to deliver injunctions against developers at Gilden Park - Harlow Labour voted against. 8. Build hundreds of new council homes - Harlow Labour voted against. I could go on and on. Harlow Labour have picked niceties from Harlow Conservatives plan and what we’re already delivering because they were shamed for having no plan or ideas.

John D Baptiste
2024-04-05 09:58:10

Great to see prospective new Harlow Conservative leader Dan Swords has enough time in his working day to post nonsense on online articles given the amount of issues out town faces which are seemingly without resolve. A great use of time.

Kim Oconnor
2024-04-05 10:02:35

Dan swords, your council, your government have destroyed our services, pumping money into regeneration, before sorting the issues the general public have with our services, if you were to ask the people, if they would prefer a better run public service, or a regeneration project, I know what they would say.. Better hospital, better schools,, better dentist this list goes on. Get this sorted first , before all this regeneration... As it is we see lots of thing being pulled down, but nothing actually going up... We will live in a concrete jungle, with all our services broken, and there broken now.. Regeneration means broken promises yet again, we were promised this and that, and it never ever happens... your government ,you councils are all about chasing the money, and leaving the people behind.. shame on you . People before profits..

Ross Young
2024-04-05 10:17:35

Dan, you may well be doing an excellent job, but truthfully what you do as a district council doesn’t really matter that much. Were we to have had the General Election and Local Elections on the same day then I probably would have voted for you. But it’s not like that, Little Rishi is squatting in Downing Street and will do anything to stay there as long as he can - Every day that he stays there increases the chance of one of my elderly relatives becoming ill and dying on a trolley in a hospital corridor. Pets Corner and new road signs are nice, but stopping the rot nationally is far more important. The longer this government drags on, the greater the influence of the Right-Wing fruit loops in the party and the greater the potential of long term damage. I won’t do anything that gives them any hope and encourages them to hang on for longer.

2024-04-05 10:36:41

We are talking about local elections, not nation , please stick to that. Better schools better hospital better dentists , I don't think this has anything to do with Harlow council. If you want to talk about national , delete Labour add Unions.

James Leppard
2024-04-05 10:47:47

Kim, do you realise what you are saying does not relate to Harlow Council - schools, hospitals, dentists???? If you are standing in this election, it might help if you actually learned what the Council is responsible for. Just friendly counsel.

Nicholas Taylor
2024-04-05 11:16:10

Both are quite clearly linked though James, huge donations to the national Party which filters down to local associations which can then pump out leaflet after leaflet, the same political dogma that has seen so little truly affordable homes built, the cutting of public services it goes on and on. But what can be clearly see from this article, is that locally there is just a fag paper between both main parties when it comes to the future of the council and Harlow a a whole. This town needs change, it is not just bricks and mortar, it needs bringing back the sense of community that this town was so wonderfully well known for.

Gentrify Harlow for the better
2024-04-05 11:31:18

Kim, you don’t speak for me. Harlow needs regeneration. Nationally, the government need to sort out public services etc that affect Harlow. But we are talking locally - Harlow needs regeneration. Too many social housing is where crimes in Harlow come from. Ship all of Terminus House out to Basildon or something like that. Let’s attract people to Harlow who are actually going to work and contribute to the local economy plus not cause anti social behaviour and crime that all the social benefits people cause.

2024-04-05 11:40:55

Some of the people who cannot understand the difference between local and national Government should have the right to vote removed, this is a recurring theme on your Harlow.

Les Bayliss
2024-04-05 12:11:50

Same old tactic of the Tories, lies and and distortion. For 14 years we've had cuts from cental government which directly affects all local councils. The Tories then blame. everyone else. Time to go I'm afraid.

David Forman
2024-04-05 12:26:01

I know Labour won't be getting my vote. I want the town regenerated and Labour are clueless on this issue as well as clueless on how to run council services efficiently. The Local Government Association Peer Challenge Review proved what a shambles Labour made of HTS. Labour controlled Harlow Council were the only council in Essex that failed to cut the grass during Covid lockdown. I wouldn't trust them to run a bath, let alone our town.

gary roberts
2024-04-05 12:28:03

And there you have it from the Conservative party as the main offender and why the hustings will be a political farce. "You said that in the 80's or 90's and now you say the opposite" or "my dad is bigger than your dad, so shut up". I could go on but having been invited to sit on the panel I have declined the invitation. Why? Well I do not want to get into petty schoolboy political debates when dealing with serious issues for the residents' I am standing to represent is my only concern. They want local services restored not jam tomorrow or in the case of Potter Street no jam for the last 35 years at least. I repeat again, if the electorate want a positive and proactive Independent councillor who has lived here for 41 years they now have that option. I have also asked Mr. Casey if he would consider interviewing me to flesh out my four major objectives for Potter Street. Hopefully that will happen and be shown on the Your Harlow site.

David Forman
2024-04-05 12:52:14

Gary Roberts, the residents of Potter Street now have the opportunity to vote for an independent candidate who lost his bottle and rejected an invite to the hustings panel. Such a dumb move Gary, as I and many others would have liked to hear what you had to say. Still time to change your mind. I know these events are stressful, but Give it a go.

gary roberts
2024-04-05 13:38:24

Mr. Forman, thank you for your advice. If the electorate agree with your summation then I will not get elected. As for being dumb you are just highlighting the issues I raised in my posting. Just for the record I am not dumb or indeed stupid. Just concerned, and if elected, the residents of Potter Street will get a person who doesn't have to compete with the rest just to be noticed. And if Mr. Casey agrees to a formal interview the residents and electorate of Potter Street will get a full, not abridged, version of my political objectives for the area. Are these hustings stressful: why? In my career I have had to stand up to represent many people in more stressful situations than listening to a room of hot air, insults and nonsense.

Kim Oconnor
2024-04-05 14:29:20

Harlow for the better... I think most people would prefer not to struggle to see a doctor, dentist, hospital appointment s, ,the list is huge... your entitled to your opinion.. But think your in the minority.

Kim Oconnor
2024-04-05 14:30:18

The two are linked James Leppard..

Gary Scott
2024-04-05 15:02:29

Look at these parasites coming to Harlow for a photo shoot, any chance we might get Mr Benn or his party to tell the truth, Labour has been lying to the people for nearly a century, never has it been fir the working man or women, but for minorities, they now push an ideology on the people that is communism, and as for the tories they don't lie, they just never cared about the people, so we have to change things by using our vote to get out these leaches

James Leppard
2024-04-05 16:05:13

If you say so Kim. I am sure you must have drank from Odin's Well of Wisdom. Your suppositions and hunches carry the status of scientific proof. You clearly did not heed the comments of Gentrify Harlow for the better (above) nor comments regarding areas that are and aren't the responsibility of Harlow Council. Interesting that notwithstanding your certainty of opinion, the recent poll published in YH showed that the Tories and Reform UK account for 49% of the vote; Labour on 39% and your Greens at a mere 6%. Doesn't quite fit your narrative, but hey! Why worry about facts?

2024-04-05 17:59:54

I am hoping labour do not take the council as despite how much I hate the conservative for high taxes, and lockdown / restrictions that is a national level thing (where I hope they get 0 seats as it is deserved). Dan Swords has been doing a good job and has drive passion and energy I think we should let him see the job through, after all labour did nothing when it was in power though I do still want the monorail they paid the consultant for. That said it is going to be hilarious watching this group of union and student activist's run the country in the GE especially as there is no money to fund their lunatic causes. Belgium had no government for a few years I suggest we try that.

2024-04-05 18:17:52

I think this is a perfect opportunity to tell the Tories that we as a nation have had enough as who knows when the tories will call a general election! As a party they need to regroup, rethink, get rid of the many rotten apples and come back a much better, with some standards and not be afraid to ditch the bad ones. They have lowered politics to the gutter. Come back without so many bare faced lies, corruption, at times gaslighting and a party that actually works for the people that vote them in instead of treating them as fools - I've not seen it in a very very long time. Bring on Labour, the only feasible opposition to get the tories out at the moment. Despite all of Labours faults, they are miles better at sorting out the NHS at point of use for us normal folk. Without good health care, we cannot function well as a society.

2024-04-05 23:44:39

Spending our money wisely! Labour? Don’t make me laugh 😆

Allan Michealson
2024-04-06 05:57:18

Anyone thinking of voting for Labour in these Council elections has no memory before 2021 of the Labour disaster and no love or affection for Harlow.

2024-04-06 07:53:14

Trace - voting labour in the harlow elections makes no sense, have you forgotten they were in power until recently and did nothing but waste money and increase the council tax. Sure we need a general election - One in which I personally think all current and past members of political parties should be banned from standing. political parties and those who want to tell people how to live are the problem, especially when they expect others to pay for it. As for the NHS abolish it, it is terrible no other country uses the model and its staff are arrogant, entitled and one of the reasons we have such a bad outcome in the UK for most issues. It gets more than enough money.

2024-04-06 08:30:22

Adam, words fail me. Abolish the NHS? What a stupid suggestion and you also don't have an understanding how important it is. And yes, other countries have a very similar model to the NHS, the rest, like the USA that cannot afford insurance either forgo any medical help or are saddled with huge bills they cannot afford to pay, often being forced into bankruptcy. I have a British friend who moved to the States 14 years ago, you should see what he pays in insurance and what he has to top up on the insurance once he needs medical care, it is outrageous. He became a dad 3 years ago and the money, wow, it runs into thousands to have a baby. The healthcare in the USA is only about money, they are out to make as much as possible. You want to punish the poor in the UK? Not very kind. I also have a family member and three friends who work in the NHS, 2 radiographers, a midwife and a consultant. I can assure you they are not at all arrogant but they work incredibly hard and are frustrated at the mo with the lack of funding, being short staffed and the hours they have to put in, the NHS has been changing for them for years for the worse. They put the hours in because they care about patients - this is really not arrogant behaviour by them or the thousands just like them. Thank goodness you're not in charge.

Barbara Jones
2024-04-06 15:44:09

Maybe they can STOP ✋️ the selling of the shops in the town to stop it becoming a GHOST town, also have buses running in areas that they don't run at the moment

Mark Gough
2024-04-06 17:47:38

Actually Adam, the monorail was my idea when I was a blue Councillor long before Labour spent the money on a viability study. It just struck me that the bus system was dreadful, unless you want to go to the airport, and County was constantly letting us down by allowing routes to be cut, despite the expense of the bus lanes forced on us because other Districts who had Tory Councillors at the time didn't want them! Mark Gough -Leader Harlow UKIP

Liz cocks
2024-04-12 07:14:58

For the individual saying schools aren’t a council issue they are. Dan shields sad bitter little Tory! I’ve been to Harlow next time I’m there I hope it’s to celebrate your demise

Stuart Crook
2024-04-16 07:23:55

I sent Dan Swords a email has not even replied and I have always voted conservative but not this year as I never see Sue Livings doing anything other then having her photo taken as for housing these con have turned down 4 houses being built in old harlow turned down several homes being built at the old police garages in old Harlow but let a takeaway take over Barclays Bank in old Harlow never seen harlow looking so bad with Essex con and pot holes I don’t want to go there I think it is time for a change

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