RSPCA launches ‘For Every Kind’ campaign to ‘rethink animals’ in 200th year 

Lifestyle / Thu 11th Apr 2024 at 07:20am

THE RSPCA says we need to “radically rethink” our relationship with all animals as it launches its new For Every Kind campaign to mark its 200th year – as it reveals in the East of England there is a stark difference between what people think those living in our homes, in the wild, on farms or in labs deserve.

The charity reveals new polling which shows a stark difference in the way we see animals, depending on our relationship with them and says we have become disconnected to many of the animals around us.

According to a new poll, in the East of England:

  • 87% of people think dogs can experience positive emotions like happiness but only 29% think rats can – and just 37% think chickens can.
  • People were also more likely to think their pet deserved a ‘happy and healthy life’ (dogs 93%, rabbits 92%) compared to animals used in science (rats in a lab 58%, rabbits in a lab 69%). 
  • And only 33% said they would be sad if pigs no longer existed in the world, compared to a whopping 90% for dogs.

Today (11 April), the world’s oldest animal charity – which has branches and animal centres across the region – is now launching a new campaign For Every Kind, urging people to care about the lives of every animal and carry out one million acts of kindness to mark its 200th anniversary.

Chris Sherwood, Chief Executive of the RSPCA, said: “We are devoted to our cats and dogs, but we often don’t realise we are connected to billions of other animals in our lives, through the things we buy and the choices we make. All animals are amazing, but sadly we’ve come to see many creatures as commodities and we value their lives differently because of it. 

“As a society, we love our native birds, but turn a blind eye to the suffering of billions of meat chickens; we love the hedgehogs who visit our garden, but treat rats and foxes as pests. We need to realise that all animals have feelings and emotions, many can feel joy, anger, fear, and more, and whether they are pets, wildlife, on farms or in labs, they deserve to have a fulfilled life of their own.”

The new figures also revealed there is a big difference in the way we see animals, depending on the role they play in our lives. People are more likely to see a dog as a ‘friend’, and are more likely to see pigs or rats as ‘useful’, possibly due to being found on farms or in labs. The majority of people saw foxes, who are often seen as vermin, as a ‘threat’ or ‘pointless’, suggesting they don’t recognise their right to a good life.

Chris continued: “All animals deserve our kindness and respect and the first step to changing the way we treat animals is changing how we see and feel about them. Which is why we are launching our For Every Kind campaign to mark our 200th year. A world that is better for animals, is better for us all.” 

The For Every Kind campaign is launching with a new brand for the RSPCA – for the first time in 50 years – and a new advert which sees singing animals performing Aretha Franklin’s iconic hit to demand Respect.

The changes for the RSPCA come as it celebrates 200 years of changing animals’ lives and the charity says the challenges facing animals are ‘bigger than ever’.  

Chris said: “This year marks our 200th anniversary – that means 200 years of changing laws, attitudes and behaviours towards animals. But animals are now facing some of the biggest threats in our history, from climate change to intensive farming, from the cost of living to the effects of the pandemic. Unless we act urgently, we risk animals’ lives getting worse, not better.

“The RSPCA has a critical role to play, but we can’t do this alone. We need as many people as possible to join us to build a better world for animals, which means we need people to look again at the RSPCA and what we can all do for animals. We hope a new, bolder and brighter brand will inspire everyone, whoever they are, to get involved with animal welfare so we can rise to the challenges facing animals now and for many years to come.”

This year, the RSPCA hopes to inspire one million acts of kindness for animals to celebrate its 200th anniversary. To find out your kind of kindness and turn it into action for animals visit: rspca.org.uk/everykind 

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2 Comments for RSPCA launches ‘For Every Kind’ campaign to ‘rethink animals’ in 200th year :

Vivien Woodland
2024-04-11 07:35:19

Brilliant idea count me in in Australia do this and do a walk with all dogs

2024-04-11 08:17:38

Lovely idea! I wish people in Harlow would neuter their cats too, the amount of unwanted kittens and cats here in worst for miles and I've seen the injuries caused by males fighting for a mate, throats ripped out, abscesses, eyes damaged & hanging out. Neutering is the kindest thing you can do for your pet, both male and female. Don't buy from gumtree and places like it either, the backyard breeders are incredibly cruel and the cats & dogs often unhealthy as well as cats being sold for dog baiting as so cheap. Get your pet from rescue centres please. There are more cats in rescue than there are homes for them, 100% caused by not neutering. Chip is a legal requirement too this summer for cats. Be better people in Harlow, your animals deserve your kindness.

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