Disability benefit system unsustainable and needs change, says government

Health / Mon 29th Apr 2024 at 07:16am

PLANS to overhaul the disability benefits system are due to be unveiled by the government later reports the BBC.

It says the benefits bill is rising at an “unsustainable rate” and needs to be overhauled to ensure help gets to the people who need it most.

Reforms to personal independence payments (PIP) could include stopping cash payments and offering claimants one-off grants for things like home adaptations instead.

The disability charity Scope described it as a “reckless assault on disabled people.”

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14 Comments for Disability benefit system unsustainable and needs change, says government:

peter linden
2024-04-29 08:44:45

Benefits for really sick people needs cutting, so as the 171 billionaires in Britain can have even more money, filthy government

Kim Oconnor
2024-04-29 09:24:55

Time and time again this government hits the vulnerable. Absolute shame on the government..

Tim snow
2024-04-29 09:36:03

Be careful what you wish for in having a Labour government

Arracking the poorest and most vulnerable is not the solution.
2024-04-29 10:41:47

A general election can't come soon enough. Vote out these clowns.

Stuart G
2024-04-29 10:45:34

Punching down again by the Nasty Party. Maybe the disability benefit bill wouldn't be so high if people could actually see a doctor, or if there was any sort of functioning mental health service in this country. How's about working out why there are people claiming it and fix some of the problems at source rather than just deliver another kicking to the most vulnerable in our society.

John C
2024-04-29 12:28:05

They will blame everyone but themselves, immigrants, the poor, the sick, the disabled, the mentally ill, the pandemic! The buck stop with them, they have been in power for over 13 years yet cant take the blame for all the problems they have caused in this time.

2024-04-29 13:44:49

Anyone going through the brutal dehumanising and long drawn out PIP claim process,take heart.I actually got to speak to a DWP Decision Maker when he phoned to check something.I said "i can't believe i'm talking to a decision maker,you seem so normal".He laughed and said"i don't think my wife would say that"He then said"you get the odd one but most are ok"He said"i can tell you now you have been awarded PIP at the enhanced rate for both components"How very nice of him to tell me,well before i got it in writing.Hope this helps anyone going through this cruel ordeal feel a little less stressed.

2024-04-29 21:30:55

resident, does this mean you'll get a free car from Motability?

2024-04-30 04:47:22

Jerry,no,i don't drive and am not physically disabled.What a nasty comment at disabled drivers on PIP.Toxic tories done a good job on you, turning you against disabled people and people on PIP.Do your research before making stupid comments.Most people are not milking the system.Shame on you.Have a lovely day.

2024-04-30 06:19:44

Didn't explain that well.Last time toxic tories tried to turn the public against people claiming disability benefit ,implying everyone was milking the system( to deliberately enrage taxpayers) i remember a disabled driver with a motability car he was fully entitled to being physically attacked by a person jealous they'd got a free car.There was a backlash against people on benefits as a result of torie goading.Now they're at it again.Sadly many people believe everything they are fed by the media.

View from Afar
2024-04-30 10:06:33

Jerry, cars aren’t free from Motability, you have to pay a deposit and give up the mobility portion of your PIP. Admittedly it doesn’t meet the full cost of a car but you have to give up a lot.

2024-04-30 14:32:25

My neighbour uses a walking stick when she is assessed , because she has difficulty walking . Once she was given a nice new car a miracle happened . She threw her stick away and can suddenly walk normally. These people make it bad for the actual disabled people.

2024-04-30 16:24:57

View from Afar what is the difference between being given a car or given the money its still a free car and there are lots of cars available with no deposit . You can even get a brand new BMW for £99 deposit.

2024-04-30 19:05:38

Even if someone manages to pull the wool over the eyes of the PIP assessors, the whole policy shouldn't be cut/changed because of it, as in all things there's a few bad ones. PIP is genuinely needed by so many. This is just the nasty tories picking on the little guys again

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