Triumphant night for Tories as they retain control of Harlow Council

News / Fri 3rd May 2024 at 05:33am

IN a night of high drama, the Harlow Conservatives have retained control of the council.

In a nail biting and controversial finish, the Tories won 17 seats and Labour 16 seats.

However it appears that the Tories owe their majority to the suspended councillor James Leppard who won the seat of Church Langley South and Potter Street.

There was a very close battle in Latton Bush and Stewards where two Conservatives and one Labour candidate were returned.

The overall turnout was 28.33%

More follows.

Bush Fair

Turnout: 28.3%

Majority: Labour: 154

Church Langley North and Newhall

Turnout: 27.34%

Majority: Cons: 342

Church Langley South and Potter Street

Turnout: 26.57%

Majority: Cons: 248

Great Parndon

Turnout: 30.55%

Majority: Cons: 210

Latton Bush and Stewards

Turnout: 30.81%

Majority: Cons: 54

Little Parndon

Turnout: 26.11%

Majority: Lab: 283

Mark Hall

Turnout: 27.66%

Majority: Lab: 278


Turnout: 24.91%

Majority: Lab: 286

Old Harlow

Turnout: 30.42%

Majority: Cons: 278

Passmores and the Town Centre

Turnout: 26.95%

Majority: Lab: 321

Sumners and Kingsmoor

Turnout: 31.12%

Majority: Cons: 36

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82 Comments for Triumphant night for Tories as they retain control of Harlow Council:

2024-05-03 05:57:46

Congratulations Dan. 🥳🥳🥳. Now get on with bringing Harlow back to life. You have got all the tools, fulfill your promises.

2024-05-03 06:08:50

Congratulations to the overall winning party. Now let's see if you carry out what you said or if it was just more bare faced lies. You will be judged on what you leader said.

Harlow lifer
2024-05-03 06:10:26

Nice 1 dan

gary roberts
2024-05-03 06:13:55

"Triumphant night for Tories as they retain control of Harlow Council" So now losing five seats is a triumphant for the Conservatives. A one seat majority leaves Dan Swords having problems with his so called master plan for Harlow. For all the big pledges I suspect very little will happen in Harlow now. However, I would like to thank the 140 people who voted for me yesterday. Now the people of Potter Street will have the dubious pleasure of being "left behind" again for the next few years. I am just pleased I had the conviction to stand for change in Potter Street but the residents' wanted the status quo. I wish the area well, as always, but now you get the crumbs that Church Langley South throw your way. Never mind, eh! Gary Roberts

2024-05-03 06:20:07

Potter Street residents may well have wanted change but the gerrymandering of Church Langley South being part of Potter St has shifted the votes. Does that mean they everything east of the A414 is now part of the Church Langley village?

2024-05-03 06:22:21

Can't wait to find out where and when the new M&S will be opening!

2024-05-03 06:30:39

Congrats Dan. I know the tide is turning against the Tories and there’s no way you’ve got my vote in the generals, but let’s get Harlow back on track.

Mark Ingall
2024-05-03 06:31:16

Dan Swords promised that the rebuilding of the Town centre would begin the day after the election if the Conservatives won. That's today, I'm on my way to the town centre now to watch it begin.

2024-05-03 06:46:08

Gutted, of course, but let's see if all the dangling carrots from Dan Swords for the town come into fruition. I suspect unless he keeps his promises, this will be the last time the tories do well in Harlow. I really hope he improves this town quicker than the last 4 years in charge.

2024-05-03 06:46:18

Gary Roberts. Lowest votes. Seems Potter Street have no conference in you.

Dan Long
2024-05-03 06:47:06

Congratulations to the Tories for retaining control of Harlow council.this town started to go down hill when Labour become the administration party of Harlow back in 2012 and up until 2021 plus the former Labour administration party of Harlow increased our council tax 8 times in them in the nine years of of being the administration party of Harlow.so once again,well done to the Tories.

2024-05-03 06:49:24

Bloody predictive text , confidence

Dan Long
2024-05-03 06:51:59

Any thing is better than you and the Labour party Ingall.your not my councillor.

2024-05-03 06:58:42

Congratulations to the residents of Harlow. Less than 29 percent we interested in the town they live in to vote. Now that's having pride in your town, something the Conservative are striving for in the town.....so that's working. What else will we get in our town of haves and have-nots? Another revamp of the buss terminus? Probably get get several revamps of the market square, so all is good.Oh yes, if you are looking for a house to live in you can always move into a house of multiple occupancy. They seem to be popular even though harlow is not granting permits for such. Harlow council allows owners of these properties to get round the red tape by letting them rent premises out to social services or council's from London. I am only to pleased to have new people come into the town from all over the world. There is plenty of houses for everyone, and the infrastructure can easily support it. Make Harlow great? Harlow was great, a great place to live, not anymore! Wish everyone luck in the future. I believe we will need it.

gary roberts
2024-05-03 07:13:29

Turkey, always correct as usual. I am very impressed that your mathematics are sound. A large car park awaits with no local council services for the residents of Potter Street. Well done!

2024-05-03 07:13:45

Only 28% turn out. Obviously 72% are happy with Tories👍✌️

Anthony W
2024-05-03 07:16:15

GMB reported that the tories just about held on to Harlow so I'd say it's a little bit rich calling it a victory. Anyway, Dan Dan the bulldozer man, stick to your promise, get ya hard hat on, fire up that bulldozer and terminus house should be gone by sundown. It's like the wild west of regeneration around here, cowboys everywhere. Also, as Stacey Seals has been elected again will she actually get Commonside road speeding sorted given they 'secured' funding for it over 2 years ago?

Hey Big Spender
2024-05-03 07:34:11

Oh dear, a few sour grapes are being eaten today. Turkey, did you mean to say confidence, rather than conference? Old Harlow was always going to vote conservative, it’s a given, always has been. Right Dan, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is, get cracking on sorting out the town centre, bus services, etc, but first, get rid of the dregs who inhabit the place. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, now can you Dan? No point tarting up the town centre when the rest of us feel intimidated by the inhabitants. Get rid of cheap venues where these lowlives hang out - Wetherspoons, casino slot shops, betting shops, vape shops…nothing advertises an area is cheap and not worth the bother, than seeing these kind of places in a town centre! I mean come on, up your game if you want to turn the town centre around and make it attractive to the majority of spenders who live in Harlow. Once you’ve bulldozed the grotty areas - and frankly, that would be the whole of the town centre - you’ll have to really work hard to attract money back into the town again. Arts quarter sounds great on paper, but who wants a nice venue to visit, when you have to negotiate the druggies, drunks, en-route? People make or break a place and frankly, some of the people who you see up the town these days, do NOTHING to attract people to the area!

Stuart G
2024-05-03 07:35:09

How did James Leppard get elected as a Conservative? I thought he was suspended from the party? If he's suspended doesn't that mean he'd sit as an independent and the council is actually NOC?

2024-05-03 07:43:00

Alan - the turn out is low because no matter who you vote for taxes go up, life gets harder and the politicians and their families and friends get well off. At least the mafia is honest. To be fair we need a none of the above box. As for a town of have and have not it is obvious there are two distinct elements of Harlow an prosperous side and a one which is sadly not. The question is how do we make the side which is struggling the same as that which is doing well. the solution is not to tax the prosperous or make them pay their fair share as over grown student activist in labour will claim (they already pay far more than is fair). But perhaps people should think not what their government and council can give them in way of handouts but what they can do for themselves by getting off their asses, working, studying, striving. It is time those with their hands out thought about contributing their fair share even if that only means trying to change their situation and not sitting blaming everyone else including the hated tories.

Peter Dunning-K
2024-05-03 07:59:08

Well done Cons!! "In Harlow there are well over 7,000 supporters who can put UK!P back on the political agenda, so watch this space, we are back in Town." - Martin Harvey on 21st Feb, replying to his own letter to the editor of Your Harlow of 19th Feb. Well Martin we did watch this space, but only to laugh. Gough came 2nd Last (10th out of 11) in Mark Hall. Dan also came 2nd Last (10th out of 11) in Bush, and doubtless near the bottom in the county By-. We're watching the space for confirmation of your own humiliation in Roydon & Lower Nazeing. Nationally, UK!P is only about grabbing legacies in Wills, and the three of you are being used. Wake up.

Harlow Resident
2024-05-03 08:10:58

Whats the point in voting for any of them when you have a problem you try getting hold of tour local councillor , no local councillor surgeries to be had, they disappear until the next election comes around .

2024-05-03 08:13:21

Now, the Conservatives have another term in charge of Harlow Council, They can press ahead with their plans to make the Gilston Garden Town A414 bypass through Harlow and jam traffic in Northern Harlow with Strategic Transport Corridors. It's crucial that Harlow’s first Strategic Transport Corridor, the Church Langley Express, is revived and all traffic lights at Church Langley are reinstated. It's a matter of fairness that Church Langley residents should enjoy the same benefits as those in Latton Priory and Gilston Garden Town. I eagerly anticipate the implementation of the Latton Priory Strategic Transport Corridor through Latton Bush and Stewards ward Congratulations to all of the Labour candidates who won their seats and commiserations to The Green Party, who oppose both the Eastern Crossing (Latton Island) and the Strategic Transport Corridors. Another term of Harlow Conservatives turning the town centre into a building site, I think it's time to move on.

David Forman
2024-05-03 08:14:30

Back in February's Cabinet meeting the Labour Group leader Chris Vince cockily predicted "When We Win" when referring to the local elections. He now looks like a right loser having failed to take control of the council and he should act honourably and resign as leader.

Tony WIseman
2024-05-03 08:32:48

Harlow Resident. I recently asked Cllr Kay Morrison to sort out the linear drains in Bush Fair and although Essex County Council sent someone out they did not fix the problem, so I reported this to Kay again. So back she went to ECC and this time they did fix it. I would suggest that as you obviously have access to the internet and email, you try that route. E-mail all of the newly elected councillors in your ward and see if that works

Me, Harlow
2024-05-03 08:36:25

Woody - "Only 28% turn out. Obviously 72% are happy with Tories", I think more given up, feeling that voting makes no difference. It's a bit of a leap to say 72% are happy with the tories...

2024-05-03 08:39:42

I despair! Hardly triumphant losing seats. But I guess Desperate Dan Swords will be out in the Town Centre sitting in his bulldozer, hard hat on, and starting work on the Town Centre today just as he promised. And drawing up plans to demolish Terminus House just as he promised. And I look forwad to shopping in M&S as soon as possible just as he promised.

2024-05-03 08:47:11

Can't wait for the new Marks and Spencers now as promised.

Kim Oconnor
2024-05-03 08:48:34

By the skin of your teeth...

2024-05-03 08:52:33

We will watch closely: under the Tories Harlow achieved the status of one of the towns suffering the most levels of deprivation in England whilst via Tory Essex and government we are taxed at record high levels. Achieving 15 seats plus a suspended 1 seat Councillor isn't a landslide and next year aren't a third of the seats back up for election? As for the Harlow electorate seems there's none so blind.. Both Tory and Labour have laid the seeds of the destruction of Harlow becoming a mini city with the 132000 extra housing developments that tory Epping and East Herts Councils want to build butt up to our borders!!

2024-05-03 09:23:25

Can a member of the Conservatives please explain how James Leppard has been elected for their party? He is suspended, so surely should have not been able to stand. Suspended definition officially means "officially prohibit (someone) from holding their usual post or carrying out their usual role for a particular length of time". He was suspended at the time of election, so therefore how can he stand and be elected. The Conservative Party Rules say " Any member suspended from the Party may not participate in any Conservative Party activity including attendance at meetings, campaigning activities or social events".

Peter Dunning-K
2024-05-03 09:26:37

Oh dear for Martin Harvey and Mark Gough with their delusions of UK!P sweeping the country :D Only sixteen candidates for the corrupt party in total across the UK, with six of the contests being in the Harlow-Roydon-Broxbourne area. UK!P Neale finished Last in Broxbourne and Hoddesdon South and UK!P Nicolas second-Last in Hoddesdon North. There's also UK!P Bates second-Last up in Bolton. C'mon clowns, UK!P Long and UK!P Harvey, tell us about your impending "victories" in the Harlow S.E. By-Election and Roydon. :D

Hey Big Spender
2024-05-03 09:38:15

Dan, first thing you can do is get rid of Terminus House, the awful car park beneath it and find some other mug of a town to house the residents from TH, or better still, send them back to London. I am sure Sadiq Khan will welcome them back with open arms especially since he is going to make London “safer.”

Stuart G
2024-05-03 09:50:55

Hey Big Spender - I'd be interested to see how he's going to do that given HC don't own Terminus House. It's owned by Caridon Property so I can't see how HC can pull it down....

Tony Wiseman
2024-05-03 10:57:29

Great question from Confused. Could you please explain that Dan Swords?

2024-05-03 11:29:21

Stuart G, Caridon probably own the lease but the ground footprint ( the freeholder) would be the council. It would be nice to see that flattened and a nice parade of shops between the road and the bus station

2024-05-03 11:32:03

Even though concervertives did not get in on my ward congratulations now as there are more labour seats in Harlow so get start pulling together and make Harlow whot it should be(start by getting in touch with Essex county council about sorting roads out) start moving forward and let's all hope the government can get those flights flying to slow the boats or make it Europe's 👍🤔✈️

2024-05-03 11:33:21

Tony Wiseman and Confused. I am no expert but we saw a similar situation in the Rochdale by-election. Mr Leppard was suspended by the tories but too late for the election so he still appeared as a conservative on the ballot papers. Of course, you do not need to be affiliated to a party to stand in an election. Whilst it may leave a a bad taste with some people, he received 826 votes so is entitled to sit as a councillor. He may not officially be a tory but I am sure he will vote with them and enable the tory administration to continue

2024-05-03 11:37:00

And also why did labour not put there address on ballot paper in my ward did they put there address on any other ballot paper whot does that tell you people off Harlow 😂👀

peter henegan
2024-05-03 11:40:55

Latton Bush and Stewards seemed to be a key ward, had Harlow Alliance (and Greens) not stood would the outcome have been different, one extra labour win would have gained them the council. Well done Tina, Karen and Jack for being disrupters and making it exciting last night

2024-05-03 11:41:07

Whot has Rochdale to do with Harlow locals issues 🤔👀😩

2024-05-03 11:47:59

Why is suspended councillor James Leppard counted as a Tory? Surely the result is NOC for Harlow council? Can someone investigate please. This is not democratic.

Stuart G
2024-05-03 11:48:11

Hi Jasper. I checked the Land Registry - Caridon own the freehold outright (bought in 2011) and they lease out the flats inside to tenants so I can't see how HC can do what they said they do unless they're planning on buying the block back and evicting all the tenants in it.

2024-05-03 12:06:24

Therefore, JP has been voted in, but not recognised as a Conservative. So.......... its 16 Cons, 16 Lab and 1 Independent. That means NOC in my book. Conservatives are claiming an overall victory, that cant be right. This cant be lawful. Come on Conservatives, explain this one!!

2024-05-03 12:10:43

Tony, I used Rochdale as an illustration of a situation where a party candidate (labour) had been suspended but still appeared on the ballot paper as Labour. In Rochdale he lost, in Harlow the candidate won. Nothing to do with local issues, more to do with principle's

Son of Old Man River
2024-05-03 12:23:08

Mr Halfon said that Labour were measuring up the curtains in the Town Hall. This cannot be true! It wasn't in their budget.

2024-05-03 12:53:47

Yes big spender , I did mean confidence, as I corrected 2 posts down

2024-05-03 13:00:27

Me, Harlow. I was being sarcastic with the 72% remark. What I meant was they cannot complain what DS does if they can't be bothered to vote.

2024-05-03 13:19:18

The People who didn't vote shows they are happy with the Tories in Charge.... Simples.... LIEbour ruined Harlow for years....

2024-05-03 13:20:59

28% turnout doesn't say much for the town's residents but tbh, it does seem that the current Con lot are actually doing some tangible things in the town even if that does amount to a lot of land sales and deals with developers. Big shops and the market coming back are not the kind of things you can expect from a town centre redevelopment nowadays.

Clark Renney
2024-05-03 13:32:06

Coming Soon... "Facing oblivion, a desperate man has one last hope... Church Langley." Harlow Tory Productions Presents... CHICKEN RUN A Dan Swords Production

It's a quandary
2024-05-03 15:10:28

So as already asked, what does happen to the won seat of a suspended candidate? Is it valid? When do we find out? Coz the tories only won by one seat....

2024-05-03 15:10:59

“There is currently no literature being delivered in this area by Harlow Conservatives. There may have been a very small amount delivered shortly after the suspension, which was already printed and out with deliverers, however we ensured over the weekend that all of our delivery teams have been made aware of the suspension.” This was the quote from the Conservatives on YH after leaflets containing JL were distributed in Church Langley after he was suspended. Clearly they know this is all wrong. JL should declare himself Independent, or step down. The council is NOC. How can they get away with this. The Daily Mirror seem to have it sussed. Maybe JL himself would like to comment. He is currently suspended from the party, so is free as an independent to comment. He does not usually hesitate in having his say!!

Stuart G
2024-05-03 15:17:55

A suspended candidate cannot run for the party they were suspended from. Dan Swords cannot say nothing has changed - this is low, even by the standards of the Conservatives. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/tories-only-won-harlow-council-32728663

View from Afar
2024-05-03 15:26:14

James Leppard allegedly ‘unsuspended’ so the Conservatives could count his vote? The Conservative Party declined to say if the councillor had been unsuspended to give them victory. A Conservative spokesman told The Mirror: “We are looking into these claims.” See article in The Mirror or Essex Live online

2024-05-03 15:32:29

OUTRAGOUS - Come on Conservatives, lets hear what you have to say? The Council returning officer, what do you have to say? JL yourself, what do you have to say. All very quite. Why? because its wrong. YH maybe you can get them to answer these questions on video? Everyone must put pressure on, we are been taken for mugs. NOC to the right answer.

Fact or Fiction
2024-05-03 18:09:59

A few years ago I used to do mock interviews for local schools/now academies. My first question tended to be what did they like to be called, and on one occasion it was Dan or Daniel, he preferred Dan. My next question before I started to interview would be what was their career ambitions and his response was to be Prime Minister! You heard it here first...Fact or Fiction!

2024-05-03 23:58:04

My god people of harlow,,,, this result is unbelievable, our town is falling apart under these tories, just like the country itself. Services have never been as bad.. Very low turnout but even still, i can believe people in our town are so silly to let these clowns continue the inept running of our town /country.

2024-05-04 05:03:44

Lucky Old Harlow residents having Joel Charles as a councillor.Congrats to him,well deserved.My heart goes out to brave Gary Roberts in Church Langley South/Potter street ,a true community champion.Did'nt stand a chance against that lot.

2024-05-04 05:38:37

Fact or Fiction,God help us.

.Mr Angry
2024-05-04 06:13:48

Can't believe tories got back in they have done nothing but bring misery to residents in katherines allowing the building of the Icon site causing issues and health problems to residents not to mention de valuing there properties

Pat Roberts
2024-05-04 06:32:18

Can YourHarlow.com investigate what is going on with the Leppard “suspended” cllr situation please. Am amazed that Robert Halfon, Rishi Sunak and Dan Swords, are grabbing glory nationally when this is going on behind the scenes. Why on earth gaven’t they been honest and upfront about this, something these particular people, Tory though they may be, would expect of others.

2024-05-04 08:34:50

The people of Harlow want and deserve answers. How can a suspended member of the Conservative party be elected for them when he is suspended? Its all over the national press and is making a complete mockery of our town and the local Conservative party. Council should be and is a NOC Council. Lets hear from the Conservatives and tell us what is going on. Dan Swords should also do the honourable thing and stand down for bringing shame on his party, our Council and our town.

2024-05-04 11:31:04

Lets imagine that Cllr Leppard resigns, either voluntarily or legislatively. what happens, there is a bye-election, which party do you think will win, its Church Langley for goodness sake. How much will a bye-election cost, money wasted. Labour should look at it's self, ASK "had we been more positive would we have won the extra seat in Latton Bush? Labour screwed up , even Mr Starmer expected to win. Did you see Mr Vince in his Harlow Town shirt and trainers, he should have been dressed in a suit looking like a future leader. He didn't lead, he didn't even have google maps.

2024-05-04 11:48:50

The Tory 'majority' depends on a suspended alleged racist. Hardly a party of principal.

2024-05-04 12:14:18

It's very suspicious that according to the Daily Mirror, church Langley south and potter street was the last seat to be called. Convenient? Was he pulled back in when it was obvious they needed the seat to win. The outcome of this investigation will be interesting. Whether or not this ward would vote Labour or tory if a by election is called is neither here nor there, it's a blatant case of manipulating a situation suit them. I accept that it would be impossible to change leaflets but it's easy to put out online information declaring him an independent. Also notices at the polling station. If the story is now that they never actually suspended him then they have lied about it before and accepted his behaviour. Whatever the outcome it looks bad and just another example of how they can't be trusted or believed.

2024-05-04 12:23:05

Confused, the Councillor was suspended based on allegations from a very dubious source. The whole matter has to be properly investigated. Just because someone accuses you of something does not make you guilty! This is so basic. Innocent until proven guilty. No one has even seen the full text of what has supposed to have said. Give it a break. No judging until all the evidence is presented and reviewed. He was elected and if anything was irregular the Returning Officer would say. She knows the rules. I don't and neither do you.

2024-05-04 12:32:19

Tim the facts are he was declared suspended before the election and there's been no public announcement to retract that. As such he should have stood as an independent. whether the allegations were true or not is irrelevant in this context.

2024-05-04 12:42:08

To add to that, if there rules allow him to stand as a tory candidate then it should have been made public that the tories were ignoring the allegations and accepting him as a candidate. This wasn't made public if it was the case. Whatever way you look at it it doesn't look good

2024-05-04 13:00:40

Resident thank you for all 3 posts.Starting to make sense now.And very well said Confused.We are being taken for fools.Their biggest mistake has been underestimating the intelligence of voters.Bet there's loads of councillors know stuff but keeping silent.

2024-05-04 13:19:12

Pete,sadly have to agree with your comments about labour.

Fact or Fiction
2024-05-04 14:07:24

Natural justice offers the basic fundamental principles of fair treatment. Innocent until proven guilty underpins this and suspension is a neutral act until an investigation is completed and findings are made. May be a bitter pill to swallow for some, but whether conservative or as an independent, JL was duly elected under the banner of a conservative candidate by voters, maybe there is a message in that in itself. Of course, if he is found guilty as alleged then he would stand down and Labour/other parties would get a second bite of the apple.

2024-05-04 17:28:08

Look how many votes Cllr Leopard received, tells you a lot about how Harlow residents feel, maybe the left wing controversial group "Hope not Hate" should listen to what the majority of the country want rather than seeking to deselect Tories

peter henegan
2024-05-04 18:00:35

YH Prediction: Labour x 3 Latton Bush and Stewards This is from the review of each ward that YH did pre election. Only one labour councillor was elected rather than the 3 predicted, I wonder, did Labour think they had it in the bag and take their eye off the ball.

2024-05-04 19:26:40

Always disappointing to see such a low turnout. Firstly, most people always have some sort of opinion about what’s going on with the town - and the country overall, and then when they get a chance to make a personal contribution to things they can’t be bothered. Secondly, people fought hard to get commoners the right to vote, and as for women - don’t they know what went on with the suffragette movement? Women were imprisoned and even died so they could do something that these days people can’t even be bothered to do. I became eligible to vote at the General Election in 1983, and I have not missed a single national or local election since. I feel it a duty. There should be a campaign before every election to strongly encourage people to vote.

Chris Mitchell
2024-05-04 20:54:19

Wouldn't surprise me one bit if this was all a distraction cooked up by Harlow Labour to cover up their own failures of no budget , no real plans, just whinging. Chris Vince is only interested in becoming MP and looks a right plonker after having brought Keir Starmer and Angela Raynor here on Wednesday saying how great he is. This all smells like a Labour stunt along with their far left mates at Hate not Hope. Can you imagine Vince as our MP??? Robert Halfon please don't leave.

2024-05-04 21:09:01

Given the national opinion polls, the complete mismanagement of the council by the Tories, almost every senior council officer having left and their post is currently vacant, and disarray inside the harlow Tory party, it is truly extraordinary that Harlow Labour has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. And the leader of the Labour group on the council wants to be our MP (having failed in every other attempt to grasp power)? God help us.

2024-05-04 21:43:59

And I’m surprised that Your Harlow hasn’t reported on the exodus of Senior council officers and the lack of replacements. Not all is well in the Council under the Tory administration.

Right winger
2024-05-04 21:51:18

Great, Labour will just let them all in and say they cleared the back log. Labour have prevented the tories from anything they want to bring in. Now we are looking at a F*ing labour government. Who honestly feels British? I would much rather a lefty Tory government than a pure left labour government

2024-05-05 10:30:28

Right Winger - the results of the local elections indicate that Labour wouldn't be able to form a majority government by getting more than half the Parliamentary seats. The likelihood is they'd have to form a coalition with either the Liberal Democrats or the SNP.

Martin Harvey
2024-05-05 15:28:29

PETER DUNNING-K, he of the bitter and twisted, has a big problem. UKIP in this area despite a very late start polled over one thousand votes with five good men, my own tally was 16%. We did much better than Reform UK, despite their massive publicity, I congratulate our team for standing for our honorable principles.

Mark Gough
2024-05-05 18:15:50

Two very nasty posts from Peter Dunning-K. I would say moving from Reform UK were I got 8.5% last year to 11.2% with UKIP is total vindication of bringing back UKIP just two months before the Election. Dan Long got 8.2% in Bush Fair. We beat the Lib.Dems in both seats. In the County By Election Dan came third beating both the Greens and the Lib Dems. Martin Harvey got 16% in Nazeing! Four great results for a new start and a Party not on a ballot paper for 4 years! Perhaps we've rattled some cages of those who remember our outright victory in 2014! Thanks to all who voted for us!

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