Review: The Wrong Idea by Offbook Theatre Company at the Harlow Community Arts Festival

Entertainment / Fri 17th May 2024 at 07:07am

WHEN this play began with a scene in a nightclub, we feared it was going to be a bit of a Year 10 school play. By the time it had finished, we had seen a truly impressive body of work that touched everyone who had come to the theatre on a Thursday afternoon.

As this reviewer left the theatre, we reflected on the final three scenes, that were so good, had such depth, were so well acted and directed.

Credit must go to the director, Cara-Grace Thornton who produced an excellent piece of work. She was helped by a really promising group of actors, who in a short space of time, carved out their young characters.

All four female characters: Annie, Courtney, Daniel and Kate were all facing different situations and trying to get through in their own way.

The transitions from nightlife to day time was impressive, in fact the whole use of the stage was excellent.

There was one scene using a lot of strobe lighting, where the character of Courtney (Aliya Silverstone) becomes disengaged was so well directed but also so well acted. The sense of dislocation went right through you.

Olivia Burnham’s portrayal of Daniell was particularly impressive. At the beginning, you thought she was just a bit grumpy but as the play unfolded Olivia’s performance became more and more impressive.

Again, they were all helped by a really good script. When Olivia refers to people protesting outside the clinic she is going to.

We do not want to do a dis-service to the four male actors. Their brief was to play four solid blokey guys around twenty years of age and that is what they did.

We have to say that the Stars Wars reference was hilarious. So well done to Josh Richardson (Jack), Charlie O’Connell (Dan) and Liam Deans (Brandon).

So we return to the final three scenes. The rape scene was so well choreographed and so well acted. Jazmin Ava Greenhill is able to emote so much with her face but combined with her words and movement she held centre the most impressive scene in the play.

The final testimonies and coming together of the four actresses was so fitting, so emotional and so well performed. Each message struck home. It bought to life the character of Kate played by Skye Nicole as she refers to the 64%.

So the members of Offbook Theatre Company know, this reviewer works at the Edinburgh Festival. The world’s largest arts festival and when you do you are rushing from show to show. You are a little bit impatient and patience is thin. Likewise, on a busy Thursday as a newspaper editor, you come into Theatre 2 with one minute to spare.

Well done for producing a very well informed programme and especially the signposting sheet. Having thirteen trigger warnings is maybe up for discussion.

This reviewer left so deeply impressed. The last three scenes would grace any theatre at the festival and indicate that there is a lot of talent here at Offbook Theatre Company and especially writer and director, Cara-Grace Thornton.

Your Harlow Rating: Five Stars.

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