Partner organisation in Carly Burd’s schools project says she has “cancelled the project”

News / Sun 19th May 2024 at 12:30pm

ONE of the partner organisations involved in a scheme for schools to grow food led by Harlow resident Carly Burd has told YH that Ms Burd has “cancelled the project”.

As readers may know Ms Burd rose to fame after people all across the world donated (collectively) over £250k to her GoFundMe Page following (in April 2023) an alleged act of criminal damage on the Cannons Gate allotment she was working on in partnership with the landowners, Harlow Council.

Over the last few months, the allotment project ceased as Ms Burd announced she would not be working with Harlow Council. She shut down her food parcel delivery service, which had, according to Ms Burd fed 3,771 residents.

That left the schools project.

According to the schools project website, the plan was to: “teach our future adults how to grow their own food for the kitchen, to cook, to learn about the environment around them, and to learn how to work with nature to keep their allotments sustainable.

“They can grow seedlings to sell at the school gate and raise their own funds for items they desperately need but for which they don’t have the funding, such as arts and crafts”.

Talks did take place between Ms Burd, Clay Gardening Services and Tanys Dell Primary School but a short time after, the Templefields Trust, ,which oversees Tanys Dell, Fawbert and Barnard and Harlowbury School announced that they would not be taking the project forward.

It was anticipated that Ms Burd would be starting a project at the end of May but when we contacted Newhall-based Clay Gardening Services they told us that “Unfortunately, Ms Burd has cancelled the project”

We did contact her press spokesperson, a partner in Whiskers Solicitors on Thursday May 16th but we have yet to receive a reply.

On Friday May 17th, the companies house page of Ms Burd’s A Meal On Me With Love CIC was updated to provide information on: the statement on the company’s objects, Memorandum and Articles of Association as well as Resolution of adoption of Articles of Association.

The documents appear to re-affirm that one of the objectives of the her company is a schools project. It appears the agreement was signed in May 7th, 2024.

Of the £254,213 donated around £60,000 has been donated in tranches of £7.6k blocks to a number of organisations including Harlow Foodbank, Herts Meals on Wheels and Harlow Rock School to name just three.

With expected GoFundMe administration fees, it is believed that there is still around £160,000 of the GoFundMe monies that has yet to be distributed.

Meanwhile, the allotment off Hobtoe Road, looks in a sorry state. Many will hope that Harlow Council will develop it.

For background on a timeline of events since August 2022, click below.


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15 Comments for Partner organisation in Carly Burd’s schools project says she has “cancelled the project”:

2024-05-19 17:10:16

Thank you for documenting this whole farce from beginning to end, you have been the only source to report on this issue unbiased. I think we all hoped some good would come from the allotment project and it's been extremely frustrating to watch it descend into this mess. Other media outlets helped signal boost the original gofundme, but never followed up as it became clear the money was not being handled responsibly. I can't help but wonder the good that level of financial support and national media attention could have done for the existing small charities and community organisations quietly working away in the background who have experience and already been trying to make their home a better place.

Smith Hart
2024-05-19 17:36:01

I wouldn't make allegations or point fingers without solid evidence, but this stinks to high heaven. That money has been donated in good faith and under the belief that it would do good. I personally think the latest project of teaching school kids to grow vegetables to be a total waste of this money that could be used for people in need. At this point though I think a formal investigation needs to carried out into how this money has been used, accounting for every penny. If Carly Burd has not acted improperly then she has nothing to hide and will welcome such an investigation to restore peace of mind to everyone that has donated.

Mark Gregory
2024-05-19 19:49:57


Bill Bixby
2024-05-19 22:01:22

I've been patiently waiting for the comeuppance for 12 months. The moment the video was posted about the 50g of salt at rhe allotment it was clear it was garbage. "I'm devastated, but I'll ensure I remain perfectly in the frame at all times". Your Harlow, you're doing a blinding job of keeping this in the news cycle until she has her collar felt.

2024-05-20 09:24:44

Has she done the off with donated money from kind hearted people ? Ifso That’s very low

Salty Sea Dog
2024-05-20 10:08:08

The evasiveness of Ms. Burd, the failure to take on the allotments, the mad rush to offload funds to random groups just before her financial year end, and the mass deletion of social media all indicate that something is not right here. All Ms. Burd has to do is publish the latest bank statement from her CIC and a list of expenditure and all the speculation goes away, assuming all is in order. That information should be readily available and she'll need it to file her accounts.

2024-05-20 19:13:54

This woman is looking like a grifter! Sadly kind hearted people fell for it & donated money when they themselves were probably struggling.

2024-05-20 19:22:16

Where has Carly disappeared to? Surely this is now a police matter seeing as she's committed fraud by misappropriating funds?

2024-05-20 22:18:40

The situation appears to be deteriorating further, if that is even possible. In her final updates before Ms. Burd completely deleted her Facebook page, she asserted that the school project would be completed by the end of May. However, it has now emerged that she cancelled the project with Clay Gardening Services, casting doubt on the veracity of her previous statements. Moreover, it has been revealed that Ms. Burd harbours and has publicly expressed extremely racist views. This raises the possibility that she deleted her Facebook page to conceal posts similar to the one screenshotted in the comments section of this article. Additionally, I now question the truthfulness of her claims that she and her sons went without heating and food. This is contradicted by reports suggesting that two of her sons received motorbikes for Christmas in 2022, prior to the GoFundMe windfall. Regrettably, I now suspect that her public persona and claims are inconsistent with the actual situation and her true character. I agree with others who have suggested that this situation warrants thorough investigation by the relevant authorities.

2024-05-21 08:02:52

I did not realise that Harlow Rock school were starving.

sally Goodbrand
2024-05-21 13:45:18

This woman totally duped me and used me being venerable on end of life treatment she she delivered one food parcel just to get into my head and use me I'm absolutely disgusted by her I went on the news for her

Sophie S
2024-05-21 19:26:16

When is something going to be done about this? There have been so many concerns from the very beginning, even the way she dealt with her clients and their privacy was diabolical. She has completely refused to answer direct questions regarding the amount of money still remaining. We have absolutely no idea how much has been spent and what it has been spent on and now it transpires that she has racist views and that her story told about her reasons for starting the scheme in the first place i.e. the fact that she went without heating and struggled to buy food etc were, to put it politely, very misleading. In the original video of the salting there seemed to be only a very small amount of salt scattered haphazardly on some of the land. But, according to her she could taste salt and had to keep drinking water! I really do question her honesty! And now we hear from the lady here (Sally Goodbrand) that, whilst she was desperately ill, she was used for publicity when Carly was on the news. Despicable behaviour!

Hey Big Spender
2024-05-21 22:44:49

Sad to see that Carly has deleted her Facebook group A Meal on Me with Love. I believe that her heart was in the right place and she really wanted to help people who were struggling. She had a good relationship with Booker’s and Nisa to distribute food that would have otherwise been binned. She had volunteer drivers too. It is easy to knock a person when they try and help others. Maybe Carly cancelled the schools project because she is struggling with her health. Her MS must have taken its toll on her.

Enough is enough
2024-05-22 10:33:19

It’s highly unlikely that she deleted her Facebook account and cancelled the project due to ill health, as she has continued to post on LinkedIn since removing her Facebook account and has apparently held company meetings and updated her Companies House filings. She maintained her Facebook account for many years, even during times of severe illness, and frequently posted videos from the hospital and her home, and shared personal updates and documentation about her recovery and health. These posts were publicly available. Additionally, comments from her friends on Facebook suggest she deleted her account due to the constant questions she was receiving and is well at the moment. Although her project may have initially been set up with good intentions, recent evidence of her racist views, treatment of her clients, attitude towards organisations and individuals that have assisted her extensively in the past, and misleading statements about her financial circumstances, cast doubt on her credibility. The benefit of the doubt she once received has now been exhausted.

Sophie S
2024-05-22 21:14:54

Sally Goodbrand, I’m so sorry she treated you like that. I remember seeing you on the News with Ms Burd at the time. It is disgusting that she used you in this way!

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