Harlow Library: Come along to their free story time and workshop for Refugee Week!

Education: Secondary / Wed 29th May 2024 at 06:04am

FOR children aged 5+ and their families, come along to a free storytime and workshop for Refugee Week!

Taking place at Harlow Library at 2.30pm on the 15th June, come and celebrate Refugee Week and the brilliant work of RAMA (Refugee, Asylum Seeker & Migrant Action) with storytime and a practical workshop for little ones and their parents.

The Mercury Theatre was awarded theatre of sanctuary in 2023, with libraries across Essex being awarded this status this year. Sanctuary status highlights the work done in organisations to provide support, dignity and welcome to refugees and people seeking sanctuary.

To celebrate Refugee Week 2024, the Mercury Theatre and RAMA will be touring local libraries (Colchester, Harlow and Clacton) with free storytime workshops for children aged 5+ and their families. We hope to see you there!

All are welcome but story and activities are designed for children aged 5+.

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10 Comments for Harlow Library: Come along to their free story time and workshop for Refugee Week!:

2024-05-29 06:10:32

We are full… no more please

Jay jay Harlow
2024-05-29 06:14:51

Housing crisis. Schools failing, NHS worse than ever, crime through the roof, Police forces stretched to bursting point but people want more unskilled boat people.

Harlow resident
2024-05-29 07:00:25

You can't blame all the problems of this country on refugees and how do you know if they are skilled or not? If this programme helps them integrate into society isn't that useful? Try meeting some refugees before you pass judgement.

2024-05-29 08:34:46

It's not fair, where can we escape to. Please no more.

David Forman
2024-05-29 08:56:01

I wonder how easy it is to forget the contribution to Britain of refugees who fled persecution and genocide. From the horrors of the Holocaust, Cambodia's Year Zero slaughter, Bosnia's ethnic cleansing, Rwanda's machete mayhem, Libya's disintegration, Ukraine's war and on from devastation of Gaza. Count yourself lucky that you were born in England. Perhaps a read of what Refugee Week is about would help. See https://refugeeweek.org.uk/about/

2024-05-29 11:06:09

Don’t mention the gangs and the grooming gangs and the rapist and the people smugglers and the misogynistic Islamic sharia law they want…

David Forman
2024-05-29 12:58:33

The Full Fact organisation had this to say on Gazza's comment regarding the ethnicity of people involved in sexual offences against children? Answer is: "Nearly 90% of those convicted of wider child abuse offences and on the sex offenders register are white men. OUR VERDICT: There isn’t much publicly available information on this. The data we do have shows a large majority of those convicted of sexual offences (no matter the age of the victim) are white."

2024-05-29 15:32:07

Unfortunately YourHarlow deletes my comments because it doesn’t like facts, only leftie trash talk

2024-05-29 15:34:20

David Hamas Forman look at Dublin look at Germany! The invasion is real

2024-05-30 14:44:26

Nearly 70% of votes in the EU referendum supported leave. A feature of leave was Global Britain. Now, I would hazard a guess that a number of commenters on here voted leave without appreciating that global britain works in both directions.

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