Call to improve traffic problems on North Weald market day

Business / Sun 9th Jun 2024 at 09:04am

AN urgent call for action has been made by North Weald Bassett Parish Council at a meeting for Epping Forest District Council to find a solution to the ongoing traffic problems in and around North Weald when the airfield market is held.

Councillor Andy Tyler told Monday’s parish council meeting that on Saturday traffic queued along Epping Road from the Norwegian war memorial to Wellington Road and along Church Lane to the airfield.

He said: “It needs marshalling. It’s bumper to bumper. No emergency service would be able to get through as there’s nowhere for the (queuing) vehicles to go. It needs marshalling.”

Councillor Tyler added: “We really need to be doing something, and it needs to be done now. I think if it goes on all summer, there’s going to be an incident and people will take things into their own hands.

“There is a real growing anger about this. Harlow Garden Centre’s trade has fallen through the floor as well as Art Nursery. This (the market) isn’t bringing money to this area. Money is just being exchanged in this area.”

Councillor Paula Etherington highlighted the situation set to face North Weald villagers over the late May Bank Holiday weekend (May 25-27).

She highlighted the airfield market which will be held on the Saturday and Monday, with RideLondon-Essex coming through North Weald on the Sunday.

“Residents just cannot get out. It’s really getting to the point that peoples’ leisure time is being stopped.”

Parish council chairman councillor Alan Buckley said he would be meeting the airfield manager Darren Gooday and the airfield operator on Saturday to discuss the issue.

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6 Comments for Call to improve traffic problems on North Weald market day:

Claire Cambridge
2024-06-09 20:12:49

I live off Weald bridge road and it's like a motorway on Saturday outside my house. So much pollution as everyone uses the Greenman road as a long cut. Can't get out of my drive and just cars queuing as the road narrows. It's getting worse it use to be lovely living here can't sit in the front garden on a Saturday because of the pollution.

Toni Barke
2024-06-10 09:47:22

There used to be buses you could get there but have been told that now they don’t go to the market only main northweald so you have to walk threw the estates to get there as I am disabled and don’t drive this has stoped anyway of getting there other than taxi or with friends sort the busses and cut the cars going there so much it would sole a bit of the problem at least !!

2024-06-10 12:12:26

A one-way in needs the thronewood road gate open over the M11 on Saturdays market days

David Mitchell
2024-06-10 12:44:49

I live of Rayley lane the traffic on Saturday and bank Holiday is horrendous. Parts of Rayley lane is very narrow the road does need winding at that point. This is a safety issue with pedestrians walking to the boot sale. Boots sale operators should be made to provide a bus service so there are less cars using Rayley lane.

2024-06-10 14:31:38

The market has been there for years before any of the other businesses and the houses and deserves to stay however I do see the problem with the traffic it's horrendous I don't understand why they do not open the other end where the cars go out so there's a choice of Ways in and it would certainly relieve the traffic .

2024-06-10 15:33:46

I say close the market altogether it's full of fake and copy items and the market staff don't seem to do anything about it, Essex Trading Standards need to do a blitz on the market and take away all the fake and copy items and also fine the company that runs the market for allowing these items to be sold on their market.

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