Say Hello, Wave Goodbye….

MONDAY was the first day for YourHarlow.Com. As we said in our editorial yesterday, it is all about tiny acorns and small steps.

Thank you to all those well-wishers and the 1,290 page views including viewers from as far afield as Sydney, Malta and Helsinki (all in the google analytics).

In many ways, there were three events that encapsulated July 1st, 2013. In the early hours, Evie Adams made her first appearance. Evie is the first daughter for former Brays Grove and Cambridge Univ graduate, Jenny Adams.

We asked for a quote from Evie’s grandmother but she mentioned negotiations with Hello and OK were at a key stage

And in the midst of life there was the funeral of Clive Wilkinson, father of council leader Mark Wilkinson. The funeral took place at Parndon Crematorium.

Finally, our first filming engagement was the “bench ceremony” at Abbotsweld primary, where Dr Shakoor unveiled the benches dedicated to his family.

Life in Harlow on July 1st, 2013.

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