Leader of Harlow Conservatives wades into to the Cllr Waida Forman fury

Politics / Thu 9th Oct 2014 at 01:03pm

THE LEADER of the Harlow Conservatives, cllr Andrew Johnson has responded to a recent letter written by the husband of the chair of Harlow TUC and Labour councillor Waida Forman.

Dear Sir,

Councillor Forman has tried to limit the damaged caused by her support for illegal encampments for weeks. Local Labour Councillors and their Parliamentary candidate have also chosen to remain silent and not call into question Councillor Forman’s views. I was also shocked that Councillor Forman believes that she was not acting as a Labour Councillor when she backed her TUC comrades’ commitment to welcome illegal encampments in Harlow.

Councillors cannot pick and choose when they are on duty and to suggest otherwise is laughable. Cllr Forman may have chosen to visit the illegal encampment on the old Passmores School site as Chairman of the local TUC, but she is also a Councillor and should have considered here actions and words carefully.

Everything a Councillor says, does or indeed doesn’t do after they are elected reflects on them and their political party, regardless of what “hat” they are wearing at the time. The public would expect nothing less of a person in any position of authority – it is weak to suggest otherwise.

Meanwhile it left me laughing that an intelligent councillor was not willing to take a position on something as important as the blight of illegal encampments on Harlow without first having been told what to say in a prepared and voted on position by her political party. Is the labour party now turning out clones as councillors who all speak and act as one?

To make matters worse, Councillor Forman now believes that every town in England should have a transit site for travellers to stop the spread of illegal encampments. Councillor Forman should stop blaming other councils for not pulling their weight and start tackling the law breakers who have blighted our town and cost the taxpayer tens of thousands of pounds.

Perhaps Councillor Forman, Harlow TUC and the Labour Party should instead listen to local residents who are outraged that illegal encampments continue to be a problem. As a Councillor, there is no point worrying about which “hat” you wear at meetings, we are elected to represent the residents and not the minority who choose to break the law.

Yours faithfully,

Cllr Andrew Johnson

Leader of Harlow Conservatives

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5 Comments for Leader of Harlow Conservatives wades into to the Cllr Waida Forman fury:

2014-10-09 18:46:43

Councillors are ment to represent the electorate and act as ambassadors of the council (at all times) I believe her actions have drought her office of councillor into disrepute by supporting illegal behaviour, and breached the councils code of conduct.

tony durcan
2014-10-09 19:11:37

It's a real shame but sadly not surprising that the Tory party have decided to carry out a personal attack against waida foreman.let be grown up enough to accept that whilst many of us may well disagree with Waida position,we still live in a society that enables free speech. Regardless of title or status nothing or no one should stop freedom of speech.only the Tories could make a weak and childish attack on a fellow councillor.lets deal with the issue not play silly games.

2014-10-10 09:07:50

This has NOTHING to do with free speech Tony, and don't try and cloud the issue. You know that I would fight for anyone, including Waida, to be able to speak their mind. This is about WHAT she has been saying and doing and that it is opposed by the majority of people in this town. Your attempt to deflect the real issues by trying to suggest "personal attacks" does you no service as a local councillor.

Lee Dangerfield
2014-10-10 17:03:31

Cllr Durcan perhaps if you did the role that you undertook when taking the leadership you would understand the residents of Harlows frustration. You seem as a councillor to be the gunner, just load it then run to the common. Perhaps that's where you get your photos. You have always been the same and will never change and how you get through dealing with residents issues is beyond me. As a previous councillor, It seems that your given comments is to wind up everyone but unless you are on the television your thoughts seems to be in outer space. Perhaps if you was committed to the actions of the council and you defended the residents people may feel different about you,but as it stands you load the gun then retreat to a hideaway. Dont keep having a pop at the people that stand up for its residents.

2014-10-15 15:59:24

The fact is Tony, politics is about opinions and public service - and when you give your opinion, people are allowed to disagree with it. If you aren't prepared for that - then don't get involved in the public service that is politics. How is it a personal attack to have a go at the actions and opinions of Labour Councillors and Candidates, but fair game when Labour do it themselves? We in UKIP see that on a daily basis through your party and it's nasty little offshoots! That is a weak and hypocritical argument - and frankly Tony, you should know better. After all I think Lee is pretty well placed to comment on personal attacks from Labour (and the Lib Dems) - and takes it in his stride. What I find worse is that Waida hasn't stood up for herself - it takes you and her husband to speak for her! I thought she was better than that, and hope she is! I and the residents of Harlow await......!

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