New Hall Pre-School praised by Ofsted

News / Wed 15th Oct 2014 at 12:00pm

NEW HALL Pre-School has been praised by Ofsted at a recent inspection.

Ofsted visited in May and put the Mark Hall based school in special measures. Many of the staff and parents felt that the judgement was harsh and pledged to fight on.

The government watchdog returned last month and were clearly impressed.

The report states:

The inspector found that you have developed a practical action plan to support staff in prioritising and addressing the issues raised at your last inspection. There is also an appropriate process to evaluate daily practice at the nursery and the impact this has on children.

This has further supported the staff team in looking at how to address the areas for
improvement identified at inspection. The inspector noted that your ongoing evaluation process helps to ensure that any improvements are sustainable and continue to improve the provision for children.

At the monitoring visit, the inspector found that progress has been made regarding
the systems in place for managing the performance of staff. There are regular
supervisions and team meetings in place with targeted training and support for
individual team members. There are monitoring systems, including annual appraisals,
that ensure any targets and learning needs are met.

The inspector noted that staff demonstrate a good understanding of their role and responsibilities. Through their practice, staff showed good commitment to the children, engaging them well in activity and paying good attention to their individual needs. The staff team work well together to produce short, medium and long-term activity plans that are broken down into more specific, focussed activities geared to individual children.

They regularly record their observations of children at play and now use these to inform
future planning and the tracking of their progress. Children at the monitoring visit,
were observed to be happy, settled and comfortable in the presence of staff who
showed warmth and good means of support and engagement throughout. Children
engage in a variety of activities, including dressing up, small world, sand and water
play, with freedom of access to a good range of resources set out for them.

The inspector found that parents are encouraged to take part in their children’s
learning by attending formal or informal meetings or activities. They are provided
with information about how staff promote their children’s learning and development
and their child’s assessment records are available for them to view. Parents are
beginning to provide relevant details about their child’s progress, which informs
planning for the next steps in their learning. They are encouraged to complete
feedback forms to comment on the provision. Staff suggest activities for parents to
continue at home to extend their child’s learning and development. The inspector
observed that parents and children are warmly welcomed into the setting.

Effective steps have been taken to improve the setting’s documentation and record
keeping. The inspector found that an ongoing record of children’s and staff’s
attendance is now accurately maintained throughout the day. In addition, the
contact details for Ofsted are now prominently displayed in the pre-school so that
they are readily available for parents. Staff now have easy access to contact
information that enables them to notify agencies with statutory responsibilities for
safeguarding children without delay. Risk assessments have been reviewed to ensure
that they clearly identify how potential risks that children come into contact with
during their daily routine are to be managed in order to minimise these risks. In
addition, daily checks of the outdoor environment are now consistently completed
prior to children going outside. This supports the effective safeguarding procedures
of the provision.

Having considered all the evidence, the inspector is of the opinion that the setting
has taken prompt and effective action to address the points for improvement.

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