Wed: Update on unauthorised traveller encampments in Harlow

News / Wed 15th Oct 2014 at 04:27pm

The latest information on unauthorised encampments in Harlow is as follows:

Coldharbour Road (land owned by Essex County Council):

The travellers that were encamped on Katherine’s Way have moved to Coldharbour Road, this is land owned by Essex County Council.

Field north of Kingsland/Abercrombie Way (land owned by Harlow Council):

Harlow Council served the encampment on land north of Kingsland with a Final Order for Possession of the land; two caravans have now left the land with one remaining. The Council will make an application to the County Court for a warrant together with a bailiff appointment to recover the land and remove any caravans on site.

Pear Tree Mead/Southern Way (land owned by Harlow Council):

There are 10 caravans on this land. Harlow Council has a county court hearing set for Friday 17 October 2014.

Second Avenue/Howard Way (land owned by Harlow Council):

The group at Second Avenue/Howard Way was given a direction to leave the land on or before 4pm on Friday 10 October 2014. As it has not left Harlow Council has issued county court proceedings and is awaiting a hearing date.

River Way (land owned by Essex County Council):

Essex County Council has obtained a county court hearing on Thursday 16 October 2014 and this encampment was served with a summons yesterday (Tuesday 14 October 2014).

You can find more information on unauthorised encampments as well as frequently asked questions at: www.harlow.gov.uk/illegal-encampments

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2014-10-16 06:38:49

...round and round and round and round... the judge sitting on all these court cases must be making a fortune in overtime!

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