Friday: Update on unauthorised traveller encampments in Harlow

News / Fri 17th Oct 2014 at 05:36pm

The latest information on unauthorised encampments in Harlow is as follows:

Pear Tree Mead/Southern Way:

Although the encampment at this location has left the area, Harlow Council went ahead to try and obtain a Possession of Land Order from the court so that if the same vehicles returned to that land it could avoid further court proceedings against them. However, the presiding judge declined as the travellers had already left the land.

Maypole/Nortel social club site at London Road (privately owned land):

Caravans that were pitched up on Southern Way moved onto this site yesterday (Thursday 16 October 2014). There are approximately 20 vehicles in this encampment.

Second Avenue/Howard Way (land owned by Harlow Council):

The group at Second Avenue/Howard Way was given a direction to leave the land on or before 4pm on Friday 10 October 2014. As it has not left Harlow Council has issued county court proceedings. Legal Services are chasing up the court and hope to have a hearing date by Monday 20 October 2014.

Coldharbour Road (land owned by Essex County Council):

The travellers that were encamped on Katherine’s Way have moved to Coldharbour Road; this is land owned by Essex County Council.

Field north of Kingsland/Abercrombie Way (land owned by Harlow Council):

Harlow Council served the encampment on land north of Kingsland with a Final Order for Possession of the land; one caravan still remains. The Council is making an application to the County Court for a warrant together with a bailiff appointment to recover the land and remove any caravans on site.

River Way (land owned by Essex County Council):

Essex County Council had a county court hearing yesterday (Thursday 16 October 2014) and Harlow Council is awaiting an update.

You can find more information on unauthorised encampments as well as frequently asked questions at:www.harlow.gov.uk/illegal-encampments

For information on unauthorised encampments on Essex County Council land, please call 01245 437645.

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