Essex Council change permission system over digging up roads

Politics / Thu 30th Oct 2014 at 09:07am

THE scheme means that anyone who wants to dig up the highway (including utilities, developers and our own works) will need to ask for our permission, rather than just notifying us that they are going to. We have to assess the permit application to grant permission or refuse the application, if we (ECC) refuse, they cannot dig up the road. There is a charge associated with the permit application, so the service becomes cost neutral to ECC which is a significant benefit over the current way of operating.

A decision to implement the scheme will be signed by the Cabinet Member shortly, after which we will respond to the Minister to accept his offer. In due course the Council will announce the start date of the scheme.

Cllr Rodney L Bass Cabinet Member for Highways and Transportation said: “This is great news for Essex, as having this permit scheme will enable us to crack down on utility companies and others who often schedule works at inconvenient times and have also caused damage to the highway. The Scheme will enable more efficient scheduling of works resulting in better journeys for the people of Essex.”

Cllr Eddie Johnson Cabinet Member for Highways Maintenance and Small Schemes said: “The permit scheme will greatly assist the significant amount of highways maintenance work Essex is undertaking.”

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