Harlow UKIP’s Dan is the man with the pothole plan

Politics / Fri 31st Oct 2014 at 07:38am

YOU have to admire the dedication of Bush Fair ward councillor, Dan Long. Whilst his Labour counterpart, Manny Doku, appears to be in witness protection, most days you see Dan out and about addressing the needs of the ward.

This week, Dan has been haranguing Essex County Council regarding potholes in Spencers Croft and double yellow lines in Hookfield.

Dan Long

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11 Comments for Harlow UKIP’s Dan is the man with the pothole plan:

tony durcan
2014-10-31 08:42:46

Yet again UKIP are claiming success for the road safety improvements in the bush fair ward.sadly just like the mis truth over the tennis courts the decision to change the parking on junctions was taken 18 months ago,not just in the last few weeks..any proposed change takes time to enable consultation etc so the idea that since May everyone is sorting everything out just because of UKIP is simply silly. The truth is these changes have occurred because of the hard work of all councillors,not just ones who were elected 6months ago.as well as the local residence associations and other local community groups.collectively they make the difference. On pot holes please remember the pot hole king of Essex ie the man who can demand repairs is harlow own Tory cllr Eddie Johnson,perhaps UKIP needs to have a word

Staff Reporter
2014-10-31 12:39:34

Fair points cllr Durcan. In many way our editorial re cllr Long is that his heart is in the right place and he looks like he wants to change and improve things. He seems to be out and about and engaged. A number of the YourHarlow staff live in his ward and can only reflect that cllr Long looks engaged, keen and responsive. We can only say that (apart from the wonderful cllr Beckett) other ward councillors have come up very short.

2014-10-31 13:18:44

Your Harlow - it shoots, it scores! The facts are Tony that Dan is out and about reporting these things over and over again. If they've been reported and planned for months, why are they happening now? Why are Labour holding stalls in Bush Fair all of a sudden!? Simple - because they see how good and effective Dan is being, and what a good reputation UKIP are getting as a result, and they are scared of losing the Harlow Council control they held on to by a mere 26 votes last May!

tony durcan
2014-10-31 13:37:59

My point wasn't about the merits of the person but more about what they claim to have achieved.whilst I'm 100%against UKIP I have known Dan for several years and I'm sure he would agree we have mutual respect for each other. UKIP can't state they got the tennis courts or road safety carried out because that isn't true. They can't claim the work around the bush fair shopping area is down to them either. All local councillors,those who don't mind giving interviews and those who don't all work to ensure Harlow is a great and safe place to enjoy. My comment isn't about the person but the mis truth that UKIP keep promoting

2014-11-01 14:32:23

Well done Cllr Long at last the residents have a voice and the representation they deserve through their UKIP councillors, and in May more residents will have the opportunity to further improve the council.

tony durcan
2014-11-01 18:46:51

Carra my point is that you must be open and honest with people don't take credit for something you had nothing to do with.

2014-11-02 03:39:31

So by actively supporting the travellers the local Labour party is taking full responsibility for the prolonged problem with the illegal encampments and the waste of public money associated. Thank you for clearing that up.

tony durcan
2014-11-02 07:16:08

Only UKIP have the skill to jump from a discussion about pot holes and road safety to travellers.This is sadly clear evidence that UKIP would prefer to play the race card Instead of having a reasonable and sensible discussion..there is no point giving oxygen to your negative and nasty attitude.i did have respect for some of the UKIP councillors not for what they stood for but at least they put themselves forward but it's clear you just a nasty party who don't deserve any respect,end of discussion

2014-11-02 16:08:18

What a very silly post Tony! Surely you are better than this! If Labour had everything planned that UKIP is highlighting - why are they taking so flipping long to get done? Answer - Labour have taken their eye off the ball and not pushed to get these things done, whereas Dan has pushed and pushed and pushed - and is getting himself a name for getting things done. Rushes Mead for example was all down to Dan. Actually you changed the topic to saying, and I copy and paste for you "the idea that since May everyone is sorting everything out just because of UKIP is simply silly" - suggesting everything is rosy and down to Labour really. That's why Carra points out your utter failure and mixed messages over the illegal encampments - and that you have to take responsibility for failures as well as successes. Furthermore, travellers are mostly white so no playing of the race card exists does it Tony - only in your and Labour's mind! Finally, it's a real shame that instead of actually debating the issues - which I thought was one of your strengths, you are resulting to insults! Why is it whenever travellers or immigration is even mentioned Labour supporters just shout racist and run away? Immigration is the number one issue in our country and needs proper debate. The travellers are Harlow residents number one issue at the moment, so Labour's mixed messages, shifting the blame, and some Labour members running to welcome them merits debate!

2014-11-03 07:23:03

I made my last post while visiting family in the Republic of Ireland. The hope that by using words such as racist or xenophobic, in order to close down any debate or criticism is straight from the political correct handbook. Councillor Long has been pro active with regards to getting roads repaired. What have Labour councillors done?

2014-11-05 14:35:27

Dan Long is doing what a councillor should do, raise awareness of problems, and try and solve them. Councillor Durcan needs to explain why Dan Long was told there was no money for the tennis courts, but when he brought the issue forward they got repaired. Dan has reported pot holes in the area and they were not fixed until the press ran the stories. I wish that we had a councillor like Dan Long in Harlow Common, maybe he could get the Prentice Place project of the ground, Tony promised the RA of Harlow Common that he would get that moving but he never returned. Also Carra I don't think you are a member of UKIP, just a good member of the public, maybe Tony doesn't know that. Sam Stopplecamp UKIP Parliamentary Candidate Harlow

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