Review: Boeing Boeing takes off!

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Review of Boeing Boeing by the Harlow Theatre Company

ANOTHER Thursday night and another packed house at the Victoria Hall as Harlow Theatre Company undertake a four night run of the popular french comedy-farce, Boeing Boeing.

The comedy revolves around how Bernard juggles three air hostesses in his life. This seems to be done with a blend of a Paris airport timetable and a helpful maid.

Farce is a tricky one because it can soon descend into desperate “Whoops Vicar where’s my trousers”. This production does not and here (in our humble opinion) is why.

A wonderful start where the three hostesses gave the audience a pre-performance guide. A great Mondrianesque set which gave the feel of hipster Paris in 1965. The performance was very well paced as it didn’t rush the story. That is a credit to the director Sharon Wilson.

Bernard, played by Alan Grant is a perfect anchor for the other actors to grab the limelight. The three hostesses (Sarah Randall, Alyssa Upton and Jane Prangell) shine in different ways from the southern belle, the teutonic terror and the italian force of nature played pitch perfectly. All three roles could have been way over the top but all three actresses were able to find the right balance and chemistry.

Caroline Petherbridge was wonderful as Bertha the maid whose world weary sarcasm was performed with a wonderful comic elan!

And then there was Jim Thompson. We can’t remember who he reminds us of but his standout performance as Robert was just wonderful. This was a slightly awkward man put into the middle of a really awkward situation and dealing with it really badly!

Jim’s performance was a tour-de-force of ticks, gestures, word play and mannerisms that all put together was a wonder to behold. And yes, we think, he has two more attempts to make Alan Grant corpse at the end!

Thursday night was sold out so please check for availability at

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