Ed Miliband comes to Harlow but was he preaching to the converted?

Politics / Wed 12th Nov 2014 at 03:47pm

Ed Miliband in HarlowTHE LEADER of the Labour Party, Ed Miliband came to Harlow on Wednesday morning to deliver his message to the people of Harlow.

In an hour-long meeting at Harlow College, Mr Miliband answered a series of robust questions from the floor.

Mr Miliband declared that “We are in uncertain times in Harlow and the rest of the country.” Before detailing policy after policy as well as his vision for a better United Kingdom.

In a passionate, charming speech, he did not duck away from the UKIP issue as he said: “We will talk about immigration in a Labour way.” as well as proudly asserting: “UKIP do not represent working people”.

Many of the most pertinent questions came from Harlow journalism students, with one question in particular from post-grad, Nick Willoughby regarding Scottish Labour being run like a “Branch Office”

After the interview, Mr Miliband went on a tour of the building before being interviewed for well over an hour by the BBC’s Nick Robinson.

Finally, after a couple of hours wait, he made himself available to the local Harlow press.

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