Illegal encampments: Now down to four

Politics / Sun 16th Nov 2014 at 03:37pm

There are currently four unauthorised encampments in the town as follows:

Third Avenue car park leading to Passmores House (land owned by Harlow Council):

The two caravans remain on the land and Harlow Council is waiting for a court hearing date.

Cycle Track adjacent to Third Avenue leading to Passmores House (land owned by Harlow Council):

Six caravans have moved from Coldharbour Road to this location. Harlow Council has served them with a Direction to Leave the land on or before Monday 17 November 2014 at 10am. Should they fail to vacate the land Harlow Council will issue County Court proceedings. This land is a separate parcel of land to the car park mentioned above and is therefore a separate encampment.

Horsecroft Place (land owned by Essex County Council):

Three caravans are still on this land. Direction to Leave notice expired on 13 November 2014. Essex County Traveller Unit is in the process of arranging a court date.

Maypole/Nortel social club site at London Road (privately owned land):

The Landowner has received a court hearing for 26 November 2014 but they are trying to bring this forward.

You can find more information, including a video message to the community from the Leader of the Council, Councillor Jon Clempner, on unauthorised encampments as well as frequently asked questions at: www.harlow.gov.uk/illegal-encampments

For information on unauthorised encampments on Essex County Council land, please call 0845 603 7624.

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