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Harlow is very important to me, it was the place I was born and lived in since.

I believe we, as a community, should #BigUpHarlow as for many it is their home, place of work and education, and foundation for many people’s lives and careers.

Harlow’s population, at the time of the 2011 census, was 81,944 and is still growing because it is a place to live and work in.

Harlow has a young population. 21 per cent of residents are aged 0-15 years, which is significantly higher than the Essex and England average. I can happily say that we are an important town and we have many future developing young leaders, which we need to tell that Harlow is their town and they need to make Harlow proud and put Harlow on the map of great places.

I lived in an area with the community spirit and the friendly neighbours, who will chat with you and even invite you over for tea. I believe Harlow has many brilliant features such as the open green spaces & the parks, the galleries, the paddling pools and the fabulous shopping centres. I think Harlow is a great place to live, everywhere has it’s ups and downs, and without them a town would not work, these ups and down makes Harlow unique, and place I loved to be.

This week I have launched a new Twitter promotional campaign called #BigUpHarlow. It is a social media campaign, as that is the fasted way that news travels these days and we can use this social media platform to promote the goodness of Harlow to the wide world, and to those that don’t believe Harlow is great place to be living in.

I invite you to Tweet or Facebook using #BigUpHarlow the good and positive things about our phenomenal town and what makes it special to you, your friends and family.

Let’s tell the world what are Harlow’s hidden features? What you like about the place you live in? What you or your children like about the town? What lovely stories do your parents tell you about Harlow? What great things have people from other towns told you about Harlow?

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