Victoria Hall Theatre presents Sleeping Beauty

News / Fri 5th Dec 2014 at 04:36pm

Victoria HallIN keeping with their Christmas tradition to entertain all the family over the festive season, Victoria Hall presents Sleeping Beauty.

Written and directed by Paul Johnson and produced by the same team who bought you last years’ The Nutcracker, and Robin Hood, Beauty and the Beast and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe before that.

The Victoria Hall Theatre team describe the magical tale like so:

A long, long time ago… in a land far, far away… Two Kings ruled two kingdoms that existed side by side, separated only by a great river that ran the length of their border.

The land to the East was fertile, lush and was ruled by King Sycamore. He was a kind and just ruler of men – so the land and the people were at one and the Kingdom of the East flourished.

The land to the West was all granite and stone – ruled with an iron fist by King Hawthorn. He pillaged the earth to make iron and steel, working his subjects in slavery to forge weapons for sale. His people existed in misery and though King Hawthorn prospered in coin, his bitterness and hatred for the land to the East grew.

Travel was not easy between these two lands. Great peril beckoned those who dared brave the Great River, for no crossing had ever been built by man to span its icy depths.

But the guardian spirits of the East foretold of a prophecy when a Prince of the Thorn would find love in a flower… building a bridge to unite the two Kingdoms and bring peace to the realms of the East and the West.

Sleeping Beauty is running from Thursday 18th December to Saturday 27th December and tickets are available at: http://www.victoriahalltheatre.co.uk

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