MP Rachel Reeves comes to Harlow to promote Jobs Guarantee

Politics / Mon 8th Dec 2014 at 11:18am

SHADOW minister, Rachel Reeves came to Harlow on Friday afternoon to promote Labour’s Job Guarantee promise, should they be elected in May.

It is now just fifteen weeks until parliament dissolves and the General Election is offically declared but the battle has been underway for some-time.

Labour has now turned the heat on and focussed on the economy as the key battleground.

YH spoke to the minister as she knocked on doors in the Ayletts Field area of Harlow and asked her about the Jobs Guarantee as well as the Autumn Statement.

Rachel Reeves

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1 Comment for MP Rachel Reeves comes to Harlow to promote Jobs Guarantee:

2014-12-15 14:47:02

Is this the same Labour party that when out into Eastern Europe begging them to come to the UK? The same Labour Party that opened the door to mass EU immigration whilst condemning British workers to a life on benefits? The same Labour Party that claims to oppose zero hour contracts, whilst 62 Labour MPs employ staff on exactly those same contracts, together with many Labour run Councils - including Suzy Stride's home Council in Tower Hamlets. Where are these jobs going to come from if you stifle innovation and job makers by bringing back the 50% tax rate? You can't trust Labour with the economy!

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