Get to the Mid-Point in January

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Emerging Talent 2015

8th January – 6th February

Saturday 31st January 11am – 3pm

12pm – Presentation by Alastair Howe, Chair of the Harlow Art Trust
1pm – Meet the Artists talk

Harlow Art Trust is committed to supporting new talent and has selected three artists that are showing exceptional, exciting artworks full of innovation and promise.

Abe Pardue is a Harlow resident artist who studied locally. He has recently been commended in our Open 14 for the painting ‘Wall’. We hope by giving these newly graduated artists an opportunity to exhibit we can nurture their development as artists whilst also showing visitors new innovative artwork.

Each artist’s unique style has been celebrated in this exhibition and we want to offer visitors an opportunity to ask questions about the work and openly engage in discussion around the subjects and processes that have been used. We will be recording questions that have been asked during the exhibition which will then be posed to the artists at our ‘Meet the Artists’ talk on

Saturday 31st at 1pm.

You can book a seat on this talk by emailing [email protected].


Mid PointAbe Pardue

My work is at a point of transition from almost abstract paintings based on corners of rooms, light and shadow where I utilise a dampened palette to more bright and figurative works.

The earlier paintings are about stillness and the process of painting; influenced by Eastern Philosophical and spiritual teachings, the work was also motivated by moment to moment experiences, the process of painting and how it changes as well as the viewer’s relationship with the paintings.

My recent paintings are of people from memory or photographs that I find visually striking. They are of either people I know or strangers that I have seen on the street that I have drawn in my sketchbook which have then evolved into a painting.

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