Ward by Ward: Church Langley

Politics / Mon 18th Apr 2016 pm30 04:54pm

IN 2012, Conservative councillor Simon Carter won the seat by 553 votes. In 2016, the Conservative candidate, Andrew Johnson polled over 2000 votes.

The Conservatives are popular in Church Langley. The nearest anyone has got is in 2014, when UKIP’s Mark Gough was 254 votes behind but that is still a long way.

The three Conservative councillors seem to be a good fit in Church Langley. Especially cllr Carter, who is one of the most hard working and assiduous members in the town.

We also happen to think that Simons work in housing shows that he is the classic one nation Conservative.

Needless to say, the issues of crime, potholes, education, litter have come up on the doorstep but the good people in Harlow’s biggest house estate have a synergy with the Conservatives that Labour really need to understand if they are ever to get back into power nationally.

Labour have a bright, personable young candidate in Jake Shepherd, who we do hope gets round the ward and lets see the voters what he is made of. We think young Jake could have a really bright future.

YH prediction: Cons hold: 600 maj.

Simon CARTER The Conservative Party Candidate
Jerry CRAWFORD UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Jake SHEPHERD Labour Party

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2 Comments for Ward by Ward: Church Langley:

2016-04-19 16:47:12

Thanks for the mention. I also got the Tory vote down below 1000 in 2014! Not exactly sticking your neck out on these predictions are you Mr.Casey! Grin!

2016-04-20 08:30:57

Are there two Simon Carters, or is this the same one who got himself completely out of his depth attempting to discredit The Sun newspaper? Personally I’ve had enough of the Tory ‘spin’. We need councillors who will truly represent all residents. My money is on UKIP’s Jerry Crawford.

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