Harlow Tories and Labour collide over potholes

Politics / Fri 22nd Apr 2016 am30 11:44am

A WAR of words between Harlow Labour and Conservatives has broken out over potholes.

Harlow Labour issued a statement slamming the Essex County Councillor Eddie Johnson, over alleged remarks in a Highways Panel Meeting in Harlow.

Cllr Johnson also happens to be a Harlow councillor for the Conservatives.

A Labour spokesperson said: “”Councillor Eddie Johnson left Labour members of the Harlow Local Highways Panel aghast at their meeting on Wednesday, 6th April when he informed them that the pot holes in Harlow would never receive serious attention because they are just not deep enough.

“He informed the meeting that although they had more resources to deal with potholes across Essex, because the majority of Harlow’s roads are tarmac laid on top of concrete, surface break-up would not satisfy the criteria for repair”.

Cllr Johnson was incensed regarding Labour’s comments and has come out fighting.

He said: “I’m happy to be able to set Labour straight on the inaccuracies in their statement and put them on the right road to a better understanding of our work in Harlow.

“Just under 600 potholes and other road defects were repaired by Essex Highways in Harlow last year. Already this year 7.1 miles of roads in the district have been earmarked for repair.

“Roads in Harlow are mainly concrete with bitumen on the top. Once the thin surface starts to deteriorate, the roads look like they are in a worse condition than they actually are. They continue to be structurally sound. We are currently trying to find the best way to make the roads look pristine again – but it is difficult and requires careful material selection. We don’t want to resurface them only for the same problem to reoccur shortly afterwards.

“Every year we carry out hi-tech scanner surveys of roads across Essex – and the results in Harlow are equal and comparable with other districts.”

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6 Comments for Harlow Tories and Labour collide over potholes:

2016-04-22 22:06:58

So they continue to be structurally sound but can still damage tyres and suspension components,on some of the roads in the town it is like a slalom course avoiding the holes and when an attempt,for that is what is is,oh ok then a bodge is done they just use a shovel or two of cold fill and do not seal the edges allowing the ingress of water,just as well that i do not maintain my property to the same standard otherwise it would be falling down around us. Enough of our money is going via council tax for police you never see and now the great con has extended to roads.

Lanie Shears
2016-04-23 07:51:47

Crossing the roads with pot holes is also dangerous for People in wheel chairs and with buggies. I agree with your Harlow Minchen Road in Mark Hall ward is the worst I have seen in the town so far.

2016-04-25 11:36:12

It's Groundhog day on this one - the Tories blame the quality of materials and say it's not as bad as it looks. Then Labour moan about them - yet what have their three County Councillors done!? Very little judging by the lack of reporting and absence of results! We're talking about a Portfolio Holder taking £50k of public money, and 3 Labour Councillors on £10k each! So about £80k for very little!!

2016-04-25 12:10:00

As the son of a Highway and Civil Engineer, I can say it is a case of the current Portfolio Holder justifying the stupid decisions of his rather pompous predecessor! If you fill potholes in earlier before they get too deep, they will need less material to repair, and therefore cost less. If they are left to get too deep - then accidents and injuries will occur. Surely compensation claims from people injured or damaged vehicles will cost more than filling in the flipping pothole!

2016-04-26 20:49:38

Size really does matter. When it comes to potholes Harlow’s councillors can’t agree when to acknowledge the need for repair. Labour and Tory councillors wrangle over the optimum size hole…! Pretty amazing really since they have a 16 page strategy on Highway Maintenance - you would think they would have every road defect covered (no pun intended). Meanwhile, UKIP councillor Dan Long reported hazardous surfaces in Tilegate Road. These were repaired within three days. WHEN IS A POTHOLE NOT A POTHOLE? WHEN DAN LONG HAS IT COVERED..!!

2016-04-27 12:01:00

We have had years of all talk and no action in this town. UKIP's cllr Long is passionate when it comes to getting the best services for his residents. I just hope after May my ward will get an equally hard working councillor.

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