Ward by ward: Great Parndon: Pot luck for pothole Eddie?

Politics / Thu 28th Apr 2016 am30 06:38am

THIS was a close run thing in 2012 when Eddie Johnson won by just 28 votes in 2012.

Things got a bit complicated in 2014 when UKIP had their day in the sun and won. UKIP polled 674 votes, with the Conservatives in second with 598 and Labour in third with 596.

The Tories enjoyed a Halfon bounce in 2015 with the two candidates polling 1696 and 1432 respectively whilst Labour polled 1018 and 973. UKIP polled 652 and 604.

In some ways it looks like it could go either way. It all depends on how hard the local candidates are working. We understand that Simon Vincent is a traditional union man but apart from that, we know little.

Incumbent, Eddie Johnson is a stalwart of the Conservatives group in Harlow and also serves on Essex County Council. As he is in charge of highways, or in other words, the potholes councillor, we imagine that Labour are focussing in on that record.

UKIP’s Chris Staunton will no doubt try his best to get their message across but they may well be two years past their sell by date.

We think that 2015 produced enough daylight between the Tories and Labour. This ward may well have Jon Clempner and his team working hard but they may well be just a bit short.

YH prediction: Tory hold.

Eddie JOHNSON The Conservative Party Candidate
Chris STAUNTON UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Simon John VINCENT Labour Party

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3 Comments for Ward by ward: Great Parndon: Pot luck for pothole Eddie?:

2016-04-28 15:03:15

UKIP two years past their sell by date? Really? I'd look at the latest YouGov poll where UKIP is on 20%! A massive 6% higher than at the General Election 2015!

2016-04-29 12:54:06

The problem with both Labour and Conservatives in this town is they both have a track record of letting the residents of Harlow down, and normally billing them more for the privilege. Pothole Eddie is a classic example of this.

2016-05-03 07:04:08

Ah yes, the 'Halfon bounce'. That would be the bounce when he said he would always choose British supremacy over EU law. Another 'bouncing' statement when he said he would put his money where his mouth is and hire an apprentice, but in reality it was a local firm that paid the salary and not Mr. Halfon. What about his admission that Harlow homes are sold to overseas investors pricing locals out of the market! How many more 'bounces' must we tolerate before everyone understands he is not the man for the job? We need some heroes round here, not people who bury their heads in potholes!

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