Ward by ward: Little Parndon

Politics / Sat 30th Apr 2016 at 03:50pm

Little Parndon and Hare Street

BACK in 2012, in what was a very good year for Harlow Labour, Jon Clempner won by 578 votes with a massive 63% of the vote. Since then cllr Clempner has become the leader of Harlow Council and become a talisman for Labour in the town. He seems to understand campaigning better than most and so may well look after his own ward as well as many others.

Even in the “UKIP year” of 2014, Labour still maintained a healthy lead of 199 (43%). In 2015, they won by 568 votes (47%).

Cllr Clempner has two very keen rivals. Peter Lamb stood last year and has been out and about in the ward as well as being very supportive of the Harlow Conservatives. A nice man who we hope keeps in with local politics as we are sure he can make a key contribution.

UKIP’s Richard Richardson is also a keen campaigner and it was a pleasure to interview him last year. UKIP may feel we are being a little harsh on them but we just think they are past their peak in Harlow. On our sister site, we are predicting that they may end up with 17 councillors! South Essex man has not finished with UKIP yet.

Who knows, maybe Europe has come up a lot more on the doorstep than we have given credit.

YH prediction: Lab hold

Jon CLEMPNER Labour Party
Peter LAMB The Conservative Party Candidate
Richard RICHARDSON UK Independence Party (UKIP)

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2016-05-02 21:17:42

Whoever writes this stuff? Britain's membership of the EU has a direct impact on everyone's lives and no one in Harlow should ignore it. But let's talk local shall we? A recent Google search for" M11 junction 7a" returned 21,900 results and UKIP Harlow was listed at number three on the first page. The same search on Google Images returned 69,900 results with five of the twenty images on the first page again linked to UKIP's website. When Jon Clempner was questioned about Harlow homes being targeted at foreign investors he muttered that he had "no control" then swiftly switched off his microphone. These are issues UKIP take seriously, while Labour & Tories do absolutely NOTHING!

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