Ward by ward: Sumners and Kingsmoor-The rise and rise of cllr Perrin

Politics / Tue 3rd May 2016 pm31 05:20pm

FOR some reasons, there are seats that you think could be a lot tighter than they are. Summers and Kingsmoor is one example.

In 2012, Conservative candidate, Russell Perrin won by just 67 votes (48%) from Labour’s Dan Long (whatever happened to him?). Since then, cllr Perrin has been an excellent councillor, always prodding away at the Labour strategies and a councillor who seems to have a firm grip on the financial challenges.

It was all a lot closer in 2014 when Cons cllr Nick Churchill won by just 58 votes from Ukip. But in 2015, the Conservative reasserted their authority as they won by a healthy 333 votes (43%).

This should be safe again for the Conservatives. Cllr Perrin and team have been out there and all the councillors have established a sound reputation. The other parties may need to have a candidate who stands a few times in order to have a proper fighting chance.

YH prediction: Cons hold

Allan Edward JOLLEY Labour Party
Russell Mark PERRIN The Conservative Party Candidate
Steve WITT UK Independence Party (UKIP)

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